GRRRRR.....Gain :(

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Well, today is my WID and the last week was a rough one. I am up 3 lbs...but I am not going to let it get me down...this is my vent and then it will be over!

So, here goes my vent...
Well, I was really down on myself over the weekend, eating lots of yucky foods (because they made me feel sick to my stomach!) and not getting in my water. yes, part of the weight difference is from having a new, working scale (the one I have been using I think is not accurate at the higher weights) and part is because I am holding alot of water (my feet are sooo swollen and it is TOM). I could have avoided the water retention if I would have steered clear of the soda and made sure to push more water.

Ok, enough excuses...I am back on track and into my life!!!!! No more feeling sorry for myself and blaming everything I did wrong previously. I am doing this for me and that is what is important :)
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    Hi! I'm April, and new to this blog. I came here wanting to find some people that I could become friends with and share weight lose experiences. This blog seems so incredible, that I'm excited to enter all my struggles and weight lose tips, or anything I can offer to someone out there reading. I find it beneficial to hear how people go wrong on a daily basis, or like I read here for a weekend of cheating. And how you overcome that and get back on track. I started a program called Simply For Life in Aug. at a weight of 255 and now I am down to 239 and WOW THAT FEELS GREAT. It is coming over so very slow , and I try not to get discouraged about that. It' s been 9 weeks. This week I started going to see "my food guy" (lol) twice a week for motivation , because I really have very little right now. I stayed the same from last Fri. I normally weigh in Friday's at 5 or 5:30 pm so now it's Tues and Fridays. and I don't weigh mysellf at home, I find I go insane thinking about it if I start that. Little tip for you all.. :) The thing I have noticed the most since being on this.. the less water I consume, the lower my weight lose. Drink up!!! I am up to drinking 2 Litres of water a day.. (Im Canadian lol)
    If anyone wouldlike to add me to their page , I would love that, so feel free.
    Have a great week everyone
    3634 days ago
    Hey buddy, the great thing about screwing up is there's a whole lotta opportunity for learning. You learn what doesn't work for your body e.g. eating food that doesn't honour you. Drinking soda increases water retention and probably your tendency to eat low value foods. When you have your period, your more likely to make poor choices. Worst of all you learnt that making choices to eat food that does not help you with your healthy lifestyle makes you feel worse. :( These are all mistakes worth making and learning from. If we learn from our mistakes we will over time become stronger decision makers. So next month when your period comes around you will have opportunity to utilise what you have learnt this time and make decisions that look after you. What I'm going to suggest is that you get back to the basics, set weekly goals re: lifestyle choices and give yourself credit when you achieve e.g. drink 8 glasses of water, record what I eat to remain accountable, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. I've noticed that those who continue to remain focussed on their journey utilise their food diary and goal setting features along with using the boards and blogs. Should you not always hit the mark re: goals. Again learn why you didn't do so and come up with possible solutions :) Every thing we do is an opportunity to choose to be stronger, or choose to turn down that opportunity. We can do it. :) BTW good on you for continuing your journey, being real and accountable and for choosing a healthier lifestyle. We all are so lucky we have the opportunity to do so.

    3708 days ago
    Brave you! I refuse to weigh during TOM, it's inaccurate and quite a bit of it is water . . . and it drags me down and I get discouraged. You can do this, you are doing this. We all stumble at times but, you're here and you're working at it. Good Job!!!
    3736 days ago
  • KIMK75
    What's done is done - don't dwell on it! If we all made the right choices all of the time none of us would be here! : ) If you want to put an activity to food, check out It lists how much walking/jogging/cycling/swimming you would have to do to burn each food off! YIKES!! Makes me ever want to eat again!! (kidding!!)
    3737 days ago
    Hey you know the right things to do. That is huge! If you would cut out soda completely for at least 2 weeks you will find you no longer even want it. Not that you miss it, but it doesn't sound good at all. I promise you.
    I love the Crystal Lite Rasberry Ice. Have you tried them at all?
    Try drinking Green tea in place of the soda it may help with the headaches.

    I totally understand the punishment thing. The best way to cure yourself of that is, everytime you sit down to eat. Really look at what your about to eat. And put a activity to it. For example I was at the mall a few weeks back. I was having a very weak moment. I stood in front of the Sees candy store fore a few minutes. Took Mel on the merry go round. And went back to the Sees store. But before I went in. I told myself, what will you have to do to work off that little piece of candy. And how long can you make it last. Well I can really stretch a bite size candy to a five minute tiny bites heaven. But I figured it would be about half of my bike ride to work it off. So I kept on walking.
    I am proud of you for not falling off the trail all together. Keep us posted.
    3739 days ago
    Hey Moosey. You know you're right...don't let a gain get you down. You know you had a rough week last week and that you made bad choices. The best thing for you to do now is to pick yourself up & dust yourself off and start on a clean slate this week. I have complete faith that you can do this. Remember you are trying to change your lifestyle and it's a lot of hard work. Continue to focus on your goals. Put up your visual motivators and remind yourself every day that you are doing this for you. There is a book I've been reading called "The Secret". I posted about it in another thread or in someone else's blog over the weekend. It's a fabulous book. You should give it a try, I'm thinking anyone who reads it will gain something from it. In your case, just like mine I am sure it will give you the confidence to push yourself to achieve your goals.
    3739 days ago
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