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July 4th Conversation With My Scale

Thursday, July 05, 2007

So, at the gym today, the conversation with my scale went something like this:

Scale: Yo dude, whats been up? Where the heck you been?
Me: Nothing much just chillin chillin
Scale: I thought you had forgot about me?
Me: Naw, just dont need to check in every day you know. I aint pressed.
Scale: Ai ight whatever. You gonna stand there all day, or what?

I step on the scale.
Scale: 203 and a quarter, G.
Me: What?!? You smokin crack !!! You can put an F on that?!?
Scale: Hey but like you said, You don t need to check in every day, right?
Me: Okay, just hold up (Getting undressed)
Scale: Oh, you think that s gonna help? Don't embarrass yourself, son.

I step on the scale again this time buck-naked
Scale: 199 point ahhhh ... seven. Feel better?
Me: Yo for real ... something aint right?!?
Scale: Them Ho Hos you been eating the Funnel Cakes the Dippin Dots?!? All THAT aint right.
Me: Ai ight, whatever (gathering my stuff)
Scale: So, let me ask you this, are you still targeting 187 lbs by next week? Thats 10 days from now, ya know? Or you thought I forgot?
Me: Hey, check with me in a week until then tap the breaks on all the commentary!
Scale: Ai ight Porky, you keep on chillin chillin ... but Ill be here NEXT Saturday ... EARLY!
Me: Hey ... Mos Def

So there you have it. Now for those that have not been following along my last weigh in was 188.3 on 06/24/2007. And as I was reminded, my target was 187.0 by 7/14/2007. So did I gain 11 pounds in a little over a week and a half? I think not but it was a shock seeing that number on the scale.

Thank goodness for the food and exercise tracker on Spark, right? Sometimes I am tempted not to log my food the cheeseburgers the ice cream the funnel cake, etc. The Oreo s the Baby Ruth candy bars. But, since I did I can go back and see that yes, I ve eaten a lot but I ve also had a lot of activity. It takes an extra 4000 calories to gain a pound the reverse of losing a pound, mind you. So, did I by some miracle eat an extra 44,000 calories in 10 days? Thankfully the answer is no. What is this extra weight? Water of course good ole water.

Again, looking back on the food tracker, I can see a few things that can explain this. First, let s talk about sodium good ole fashioned salt. So, I went from averaging 1400-2000 mg of salt per day to over 6000 mg of salt per day looking at it in black and white, seems nuts. But hey, fast food/processed foods sodium, it s what makes Chick-Fil-La taste so yummy, right?

Second thing, bread, bread and bread oh and did I mention bread? Seems like in my system, certain carbs bind with water. Rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, etc not that I feel bloated, but the scale (obviously) dont lie.

So, my guess is that Ive got a good 5-6+ lbs of excess water in my system because I have been staying VERY hydrated with the activities at the amusement park my norm is probably drinking 4-6 liters of water a day this week it has been up to 8-10 liters.

Definitely I am VERY hydrated because I noticed at the gym during my workout even though I was sweating worse than R. Kelly at a Girl Scouts convention (which is hard to do). I was not thirsty at all, even at the end. Of course, I had my normal 2 liter re-fill at the end of my session but it took a little forcing to get it down. Normally I feel like I could drink from a fire hose on high without missing a drop.

So back to preparing my own meals/foods flush some of the nastiness out of my system with even MORE water. Also, I will get back to eating my normal doses of fiber/veggies hey, one more Wendys Double Cheeseburger with extra cheese and I think my colon will go on strike, feel me? Cant believe I had (and finished) a Wendys Triple this week wow! And when I think about it ... that Triple (w/ cheese) is probably still "with me" ... if you know what I mean?

Saving the good news for last yes, there IS still good news this week. First, I actually worked out today I was the only one at my gym today at 7pm. Actually had to ring a bell to get into the building?!?! That usually only happens after 1am (don t ask me how I know that little tidbit of information). Turns out they were short-staffed today because of the holiday people getting the I wanna go see fireworks tonight-flu so the front desk staff were pulling double duty cleaning up the locker rooms.

And the other unexpected bit of good news I am amazingly on track to burn 14K+ calories this week how did that happen? Of course, with all the EATING I have been doing, I m not nearly as tired and drained from all the effort so, lets see if I can keep up this pace for 3 more days.

I need to start doing these cardio challenges on my SLOW weeks, dang!!!

"He who controls others may be powerful ... but he who has mastered himself is mightier still" - Lao Tzu
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow what a mouthful..and thanks for the comment on my blog.
    3757 days ago
    Alright so the weight gain wasn't good but the convo with the scale was priceless! Me I don't talk with it either. I get on, grab the weight, throw that sucker back in the cabinet and run!
    3758 days ago
    thanks for the motivational words on my blog...ur convo w/ ur scale is entertaining...i agree the spark food tracker really does help put everything into perspective but hang in there and you will reach your goal in no time! =)
    3759 days ago
    You are hilarious!!! yah keep me focused for real!!! I will never talk to my scale, in fact I just got a little afraid of it, so I will take a few days off from that beast!!!
    3759 days ago
    ROTFLMAO!!! OMG, you are too funny. I am still dying about that sweating worse than R. Kelly comment. Wow, you are doing a great job keeping up with your kids and still working out in the AM. You really show a person how to do all this fitness stuff. You STILL never told us your secret for having all this energy?!?!? Keep up the good work and let us know how that next weigh in goes. I'm dreading mine ... I've not been nearly as good as you this week. Bad girl, right?
    3759 days ago
    That was hilarious! R.Kelly at a Girl Scout's convention! I am still not comfortable talking with my scale yet…maybe when it starts being nicer to me!
    3759 days ago
    OMG!!! You had me laughing hard on this one. I dont want to talk to your scale. I'm scared. What's July 14, Your bday or something??? I hope you make your goal soon, you never know you may have been holding water weight.
    3759 days ago
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