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Camp GonnaBFit ´07 Daily Dares

Monday, July 02, 2007

My Double-Dog Dare Ya´s!

Day 1 - Get to know cabin mates by reading 5 of their SparkPages and post comments on them!

06/22/2007 - Yippeee!!! I did it! So glad to be here!

Day 2 - Drink a glass of water before each meal and whenever you feel hungry. Sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger. And, this way we get much of our water in for the day! Try it!

06/23/2007 - Getting to Day 2 double-dog dare ya has hit afternoon for me. This is a regular for me - so far I’ve had 10 - 8 oz glasses of water. Generally, I get about 15 in a day.

Day 3 - Eat 4 servings of fruit AND 4 servings of veggies TODAY!

06/24/2007 - Breakfast - banana, tangerine (3)
Lunch - Cabbage, potato, onion, 3 kinds of peppers (2)
Snack - Apples (1 1/2)
Supper - Lettuce and tomato (2)

Day 4 - Try the Spark "Exercise of the Day” - Lying Row & Rotation on Ball OR pick an exercise out of the Spark exercise library that you have not tried.

06/25/2007 - Challenge complete! Phew!

Day 5 - Add an extra 5 minutes to your cardio workout OR add an extra 5 repetitions to your strength training routine. (If you normally do two sets of ten, do one set of ten and one set of 15!)

06/26/2007 - Well, I’ve gotto get in the habit of checking the dare earlier in the day. It’s after 7 and I’m exhausted. Gonna hit the sack earlier tonight. Tomorrow first-thing I will do Day 5 challenge by adding 5 to each Strength Exercise – Promise!!

Day 6 -Crank it up a notch and try an interval workout. Read this SparkPeople article for more information: http://www.sparkpeople.com/res

Day 7 - Today we are going to work on arms, abs and legs; do:

28 push-ups (any style will do: regular, modified, wall)
28 crunches (any style: regular, reverse, bicycle, etc)
28 lunges (forward or side)

Day 8 –Do SparkPeople video: Coach Nicole's Butt-Blasting Workout.

Day 9 - Get your RDA of fiber today. Guidelines:

According to the current US Dietary Guidelines, issued by the US government, fiber intake is age-related.

For Adults Under the Age of 50
The recommended daily fiber intake is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men.

For Adults Over the Age of 50
The recommended daily fiber intake is 21 grams for women and 30 grams for men.

06/30/2007 - Well I had cabin guests for a few days (Squirrels, nuts, and buzzards? – No, people! Although, at times…) and I had no spare time at all. Anyhoo…I have now done the Double-Dog Ya´s through Day 7. I will do Days 8 & 9 today! Yes! Then I’m caught up wicha´all.

Day 10 - Get outside and go for a 30 minute walk. Really take in your surroundings. What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you feel? What is the weather like? Do you feel the sun on your face, a breeze blowing through your hair? Make it a sensory experience. Take some deep breaths; get a spring in your step. Reflect on the beautiful day. Enjoy the moment!

07/01/2007 – Sunday is my day of rest from exercise, but I determined to do this one for Camp and for ME! Took a bit of thought to figure out how to get it in! Left the morning meeting immediately after it was finished. Because we had riders, DH was delayed just enough for me to get in 35 minutes!!! The sun was blaring hot and bright, so I wore my hat, put sunscreen on arms and face, had on long pants. I tried to walk quickly but the rough terrain made it challenging. I’m so proud of myself for finding a way to get it done!!

Day 11 - I double-dog dare you to do your stretching today. Go to the Spark demo library and do 3 upper body stretches and 3 lower body stretches. AND, don't forget the importance of stretching before and after you exercise today. We don't want any injuries!

07/02/2007 – I do all of the SP Stretches when I do my Strength Exercises, plus a few others. I’ve been thinking about ordering a Stretch DVD so I can do an hour once or twice a week. Anyone know of a good one?

Day 12 – – I double-dog dare ya to eat a rainbow in fruit and veggies today. Eat at least 5 servings in various colors. Tell us what you ate.

07/03/2007 - I ate a rainbow today! Apple, bullocks-heart, tangerine, pear, carrot, pok choi, onion, red pepper, parsley, and okra.

Day 13 – I double-dog dare ya to stay within your calorie range today.

07/04/2007 – I CAN do this; it has been getting easier; some days I struggle getting enough esp. hurried, harried days!

Day 14 – I double-dog dare ya to do as many crunches as you can today.

I rec´d this in an email this a.m. – "Don't limit yourself... Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve -Mary Kay Ash

It didn’t sound like much fun to me to do all the same kind of crunch and I really figured I’d do more if they were varied. So, I thought I’d see how many crunches I could do by trying for a hundred of each of the kinds I do at least once a week. Then, I added some new ones. It added up to 1200 total crunches in a session that was about 70 minutes including stretches afterwards. I have a feeling that it’ll be kinda challenging to get outa bed in the morning!! I did them all consecutively with only brief pauses between sets of the more difficult ones.

As I challenged myself to keep going – this wasn’t easy! I kept thinking, hey, this is CAMP, after all! Of course, I would NOT do this if it weren’t camp. Then I began to hear (in my head, of course!) all of you guys cheering for me and yelling out the numbers: ninety-seven! Ninety-eight! Ninety-nine! One hundred! Screams and everyone jumping up and down while I gingerly get to my feet with a huge smile!

Here’s my list:

SP Crunches 1 set of 100
SP Crunches with Ball 1set of 100
SP Crunches with Twist 1 set of 100
SP Bicycle Crunches 4sets of 25
SP Clamshell Crunch with Ball 2 sets of 50
SP Dumbbell Crunches – NEW to me! 4 sets of 25, using 2.2K weight
SP Elbow to Knee Crunch 2 sets of 50
SP Reverse Crunch 1 set of 100
SP Reverse Crunch with Ball 1 set of 100
Stretchy Band Exercise B 1 set of 50 and 2 sets of 25
Seated Abdominal Crunch w/Band 4 sets of 25
Seated Oblique Crunch w/Band 4 sets of 25

Day 15 – July 6th - I double-dog dare ya to find out what you are really eating with those processed foods. Pick up the box, bag or can and read the label. If there is something surprising or shocking, share it with us! Is it loaded with added fat, sugar or salt? Does the item have nutritional value?

Here are some guidelines:

Cholesterol: As low as possible
Trans fatty acids: As low as possible
Saturated fatty acids: As low as possible
Added sugar: No more than 25% of calories

Let us all be educated consumers.

07/06/2007 - My coffee: Hey, I live in one of the best places for great Brazilian coffee. I’ve been cutting back by making it with half. I love the two organic brands they have here. My most recent find is Maratá Brand 100% Arábica. The pkg says that “Maratá organic coffee is cultivated without the use of pesticides or any chemical products. Besides its high quality, with unique aroma and flavor, Maratá organic coffee contributes to environmental preservation.”

Another pkg I read was my multivitamin and found out that it has all except one of the vites listed on the SP Nutritional Info tracker.

Day 16 – July 7th - I double-dog dare ya to run or walk a 5K and time yourself. Join us for the virtual 5K at the GonnaBFit Virtual Races:


07/07/2007 – Day 16 – walk a 5K and time yourself.

I am so proud of myself! I did my 5K in 53 minutes!

Day 17 – July 8th - I double-dog dare ya to eat all meals and snacks in the dining hall today without the tv, computer or radio on; savor your food and enjoy the texture and taste without being preoccupied by outside noises.

Day 18 - July 9th - I double-dog dare ya to take time for yourself today. Enjoy some time just doing for you. Whether its taking a nap, reading, going outdoors, bubble bath, etc. Whatever you do, do it today or tonight and share it with us.

07/09/2007 – Because I had finished my breakfast in front of the computer before I read Day 17th´s dare, I finished it at breakfast this morning. It was really nice to sit w/DH at lunchtime yesterday and chat without the TV interrupting or squelching conversation. I’m not sure what I will do to pamper myself today. I would take a long bath, but we have a water shortage at the moment, so I may call a friend, something I don’t do very often.

Day 19 - July 10th - I double-dog dare ya to do push-ups today.

1)Any type of push-ups - check Spark for variations
2)Only do them if you can do them
3)Do what you can
4)Post on the Double-Do Dare Ya thread how many you did

07/10/2007 - Completed today’s Double-Dog Dare with 215 Push-Ups! 100 Wall Push-ups, 50 Push-ups on Swiss Ball, 25 Modified Push-ups, and 40 Close-Arm Pushups

Day 20 - July 11th - I double-dog dare ya to include some twisting/dance in your day today (Wednesday). AND I double-dog dare ya to plan out and write down what you will eat on THURSDAY and stick to it.

07/11/2007 Th menu planned. Will dance now!

Day 21 - July 12th - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA TO get in 8 glasses of water today.

Day 22 - July 13th - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to jog today. Regular jogging and/or jogging in place.

I had 13 glasses of water yesterday. I’ve NEVER jogged before so in a few minutes, I’m going to walk/jog for 20 minutes!

Day 23 – July 14th - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to include a salad in one of your meals today or as a meal. Tell us what you did and what kind of salad you had or made up.

07/14/2007 For dinner, I enjoyed the Spark recipe Cabbage Noodle Salad – I keep repeating this one cuz it’s wonderful. I do prefer using pok-choi though, instead of the regular cabbage. And, I’ve nearly finished writing up tomorrow’s Double-Dog Dare to post in my blog tomorrow. What a great idea – focus on the results!

Day 24 – July 15th - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to write in your SparkPage blog about yourself, in the present tense, as if you have already reached your weightloss and fitness goals.

07/15/2007 Day 24 Double-Dog Dare Blog is finished and posted!

Day 25 – July 16th - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to do some form of exercise that you used to do as a kid; rollerskating, biking, jumping rope, hula hoop, trampoline, hopscotch etc. Get some good exercise and have fun doing it. Tell us what you did.

Day 26 – July 17th - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to eat 3 different colored pieces of fruit and 3 different colored vegetables today. Tell us what you ate!

07/17/2007 Yesterday, I tried jump rope. Today, for breakfast, I made the SparkRecipe Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey-Yogurt Dressing with honeydew, banana, grapefruit, and tangerine. Lunch was black beans w/ green, red, and yellow peppers, and onions.

Day 27 – July 18th - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to do one of the six Sparkpeople exercise videos.

Day 28 – July 19th - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to read this article:
.asp?id=387 Title is "Why Calories Are King" and then calculate your BMR (link in article).

07/19/207 Day 27 & 28 completed. My BMR is 1492.

Day 29 – July 20th - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to get 60 minutes or more of cardio. See if you can meet or beat your SparkPeople Cardio Daily Goal. How are you doing so far for your Weekly Goal?

Day 30 – July 21st - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to run, walk or jog and participate in the virtual 5K. Go to the GonnaBFit Virtual Races team page to submit your time.

07/30/2007 M-W-Fri are my Strength Exercise days but I decided to go ahead and do some cardio - 65 minutes! I had never paid attention to the SparkPeople Cardio Daily and Weekly Goals. This was an eye-opener for me. SP Daily goal is 72 and I did 45.

I’m wondering, though, about the recommendation to do Strength Exercises on a different day than Cardio. How do I reach the Daily and Weekly Cardio goals when I’m alternating days? For Camp, I’m doing more than I normally do, sometimes doing both on the same day, and I’m so pleased to find that I CAN do more than I imagined that I could. In order to reach the weekly goal I think I’d hafta dedicate Saturday to do way more cardio than I’m doing. Any ideas on this?

I did my 5K on the elliptical trainer this time. So Days 29 & 30 are completed

Day 31 – July 22 - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to not snack within 3 hours or less of your bedtime. NO NIGHTTIME MUNCHIES!

Day 32 - July 23 - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to post a message on your camp counselor's Sparkpage

Day 33 - July 24 - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to do 5 more minutes cardio today. If you do not have cardio planned, do 5 more repetitions when you do your strength training.

Day 34 – July 25 - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to complete this sentence - "What is fun about losing weight?"

SparkPeople is a lot of fun cuz I enjoy learning, sharing, and, finally, the exercising is taking on a new spirit of fun for me!

Day 35 – July 26 - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to do 20 crunches today. If you usually do more than that, add 20!

Day 36 - July 27 - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to do 1 set of 12 pushups today. If you usually do more than that, add 12 more!

07/27/2007 It’s been quite awhile since I reported in. Today’s the day!
Day 31-Couldn´t do it Sun. cuz we got home late and I was “starving”! So, Mon. night, my last food was at 7:30 p.m.
Day 32-Posted on Counselor April’s SparkPage
Day 33-Did extra Cardio!
Day 34- SparkPeople is a lot of fun cuz I enjoy learning, sharing, and, finally, the exercising is taking on a new spirit of fun for me!
Day 35-I actually did 100 crunches cuz I felt like doing even more!
Day 36-I can’t manage regular pushups, so I did 12 each of wall pushups, Close-Arm Wall Pushups, and pushups on the ball.

Day 37 – July 28 – I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to eat all your meals without looking at the tv or computer or listening to the radio.

DAY 38 - July 29 - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to get outside and get physical. If you’re used to doing 20 minutes of exercising up it by 10. Whatever you’re used to doing, increase it today by 10.

Sat. – Surprised ME by doing all three meals at the table! I did figure out why I prefer NOT eating at the table alone – too much time to ponder on why I’m alone at the table! Sad.
Sun. – Decided to go outside for my Walk/Jog (Couch to 5K training). Birds were chattering like crazy. I looked up through the beautiful leaves, saw the beautiful morning blue sky and rejoiced with the morning sun on my face!

Day 39 – July 30 – I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to come up with 3 Goals that you will work on for the month of August. Post them on your sparkpage and in your home where you can see them every day.

Day 40 – July 31 - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to drink at least 8 ounces of water and wait 15 minutes every time you are hungry today. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger.

Day 41 - August 1st - I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA to choose 2 exercises from the Sparkpeople demos that you have never tried before.


Day 39 - August Goals: (1) Weigh on measure ONLY on 8/1 AND 8/31! (2) Do Strength Exercises by Body Part/Muscles on separate days, thus on more days of the week. (3) Do at least 3000 Exercise Minutes AND Walk/Jog 4X/week.
Day 40 – I only felt hunger this evening, so drank 8 oz. and waited 15 minutes before supper.
Day 41 – tomorrow, I will do (1) Jackknife with Ball, and (2) Single Leg Calf Raises at Wall

Day 42 -

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