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August Food Edition - Part 1

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Caution: Keep reading only if ...

- You have a full stomach; or

- You can say NO to food; or

- Food blogs won't make you go to the kitchen to get more food (or perhaps I should include a disclaimer - I don't want to be responsible!!!); or

- You want to feel better about cheating once (because by comparing yourself to this you will feel like a champion!!! I cheated big time and I am about to confess!); or

- You are curious about the good, the bad, the junk, the delicacies and , because I am about to get to a new start as of September, you want to share with me ...

Ok... so August in terms of food would not be a success if I was to do the stats on Days in Range... actually my tracking has been hectic and because of time off I took it easy. WAY tooo EASY! Speaking of stats, I am plus 10 lbs...

"Oh... don't worry, you can put on weight, you are so tiny to begin with..." "Eat more!"... I heard this and... now I know I am still at a healthy weight however I feel sluggish!

I promise my blogs would be positive so here is what I enjoyed about my food vacation... the food!!! and tasting!

At the beginning of the month, Jeff and I travelled to Michigan. As all my trips, I did not want to be restrictive and I wanted to enjoy and try new foods... and drinks! I will keep this for my next blog because it will make this one too long! My point is : I like food. ALL FOOD ...

I also like trying new recipes... and cooking.

This was a nice dinner (skillet cornbread - celery salad - ribs and I improvised a shrimp and couscous casserole)... I like my casserole; I was inspired that night by SWEETNEY who blogged about her jambalaya. I might do it again but next time no couscous.

Coming back from our trip, we had only one night before departing for a family reunion in Quebec (10 hours away)... and because we were alone without the kids, I prepared a cheese and charcuterie tray... with hard cider... for a TV dinner! (Told you it was not going to be a blog about what you should do when you are on a DIET!)

I also have to say that I am a social eater! What I mean by this is food is a big part of our getting together with friends. For the most part, it is healthy food... but there is so much! Last week, we were invited to Norm's for a "farm" dinner theme nigh. Norm came back from a friend's place who owns a farm so he filled our freezer with lamb and he prepared a delicious meal so we could enjoy the different cuts!
The menu was:
1) Goat cheese with crackers, baby tomatoes, pickles and bocchoncini, veggie tray and almonds
2) Main: lamb, moussaka (OMG this was the best ever!!!) merguez, roasted potatoes, baby carrots.
3) Greek salad (not in the collage)
4) Dessert: I bake the Hummingbird cake with mango slices and whipped cream
5) Do we have to track wine? ;0)

Speaking of socializing... Jeff and I went to the local pub... once a week... It is always a good time and it does emoticon and emoticon ... My prob?

Not the alcohol (I have only one glass - although after drinking I find that I end up eating more than I should)
Not the dinner (I know that I am going so I can track my food ahead of time and plan accordingly)
My problem?:

My trigger food! I just can't stop... (and it is free!!!) The other thing: it makes me feel horrible... for at least 24 hours. (I have been reading lately on Paleo Diet and I understand why... making a change or going for a food streak is difficult now but I am willing to give it a try....)

Giving a try to Paleo would mean giving up a lot of food that I like... such as:
1) Grain ; I like my granola at breakfast and my not so bad version of dessert like this coconut rice pudding with apricot no sugar added...

2) Dairy : I don't drimk milk but I like my cheese (once in a while) and my "daily" yogurt
3) Legumes... On this, two days ago, I had my usual "protein salad" at the local café in Ottawa. In my mind, this was a better option than the burger and fries ...(I was very happy to be in Ottawa for work and having Maggie with me, especially that I had not seen her for 3 weeks because she was visiting her dad).

Again, I felt ok until I went to bed, then I felt bloated! Maybe it is the chocolate (a nice token of appreciation from the hotel manager for being a returning guest!) I had a bad nigh...
4) and... ok enough... Your thoughts on this are welcome... I am giving myself until Sunday to Start Fresh!

Today Maggie and I tried a new cheap eat Mexican restaurant for dinner - Ahora in the ByWard Market... It was GREAT ! Not the best burrito - I think the burrito in Duluth or Houston were TOP!!! - but I was authentic!
Maggie had a chicken burrito with rice; I had the burrito with shrimp and a side of salad. I was craving salad.

I LOVE salad!!! Here is four of my recent one: Top Right: avocado-cucumber-salmon and sprout - at work using salmon left over; Top Left: beets-spinach&eggs (weekend lunch); Bottom left: Apple-tuna-spinach-red onion (lunch); and today: SUCCESS!!! instead of a take-out I made a quick stop at the grocery to gather some essentials so I had Tuna-zucchini-avocado....

Another good food choice at Panda Express with Jeff after a long day and not feeling like cooking (Jeff was supposed to cook the chicken but he changed his mind...), I had steamed veggies and chicken.

Not sure how to track this!?!

Tomorrow I have a full morning of mtgs before hitting the road to go back home. Aside from food, I had been lacking sleep and mobility because of back pain... and did not run since Friday. Right now, I just can't find the courage to start by myself. I will go Thursday. I am lucky that military means allowed time in the work schedule to workout... with or without your unit... so the buddy system is always there and it helps.... or it helps me to find the motivation.

My other motivators for a new Start in Sept:
1) I am back at starting weight (not goal weight) when I started Spark People 4 years ago
2) Jeff also wants to loose some
3) I have a half marathon coming up in 3 weeks - I will not do a PB, just looking at doing it at pace... but any extra weight is not helping!
4) There is too many clothes in my wardrobe that I can't wear - I am lucky that my military uniform is very forgiving! (and not very flattering!)
5) I want to get back my bikini body for our upcoming trip (with the in-laws) to Mexico in December...
6) Most of all, I don't like feeling bloated and sluggish - I like the energized ME

Final Note just for fun! My horoscope of the day. " Today things could be rather hectic at work. You'll probably be very busy and happy with whatever results you produce. You could tire yourself out, so be sure to take occasional breaks, and certainly don't forget to eat. Don't be surprised if colleagues pay you a lot of compliments. In the evening, go out to dinner and unwind. You deserve it."

I think without knowing I followed this advice...
A) Mtg was productive, I am happy... with my mtg - not with all the other stuff that I am responsible for at the unit!
B) Breaks... yeah... not so much. I did not drink my water, I am fighting a kidney infection and it makes me go to the washroom too often, so if I want to have a productive mtg, I skipped the drinking ... not so good but somtetimes you need to make choices
c) Don't forget to eat - this was all planned out. I had my lunch with me and snack (tiny grapes! So good, tasty and full of vitamins and anti-oxidants)
D) Compliments... hummm... encouragements... yes!
E) Go out dor dinner in the evening - see above with Maggie...
F) unwind - HELp! This is not working! Big challenges and work load is coming up next week and the tempo won't stop until End Nov. (that is why food is energy, not enemy!)

Sparkfriends... Let me know your food goals/plans for Sept... Buddy system is a fantastic way to commit. Coincidentally, I have 21 days in Sept before my HM, 21 day streak would be a great way to re-establish healthy eating habits!
emoticon emoticon Julia
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KONRAD695
    I'm not totally sold on any diet. I am gluten free because I have to be. Lucky I can eat soy products like crazy. So for me, I know it's not a lectin thing, or at least that strain of lectins. Maybe you problem i only with certain types of lectins. After all the nightshade family is high in lectins too, and there goes your potatoes, eggplant, and tomatoes. Or, you might just have to soak and cook your beans to help break down the lectins.

    Just my two cents, Konrad
    1269 days ago
    Love your September goals! I have to get some of those written for myself in the next few days. I don't want to wander aimlessly any more!

    Your salads look so good! Actually, all of your food looks really good, but I crave salads a lot too so those look especially good!
    1270 days ago
    YUM!! emoticon
    1270 days ago
    emoticon Julia... I know you can do it!

    Sometimes our bodies need that break from the norm to shake things up. I love that you are a foodie and can enjoy it but also respect it. That is why I know you will get to where you want to be. You know that food is fuel for your body.

    I am with you on getting back on track. I have been revamping things and shaking up my own diet and since the weekend, I have lost 5.6 pounds. Seems insane I know! I am trying to limit my breads and sugar. Like last night we had burgers and I skipped having the bun with mine. Breads are one of my weaknesses so any support you can give me would be awesome! Lets do this for September and start fall off right!

    1270 days ago
  • FIREFLY4407
    Another awesome food blog Julia - yum! Let us know how you find Paleo works for you. Hmmm - I would have trouble dropping oats, yogurt, and beans... Anyway, I'm sure you will have a great September!
    1270 days ago
  • KONRAD695
    With you on the buddy thing. Funny, I had just sent you a goodie about it. emoticon emoticon
    1270 days ago
  • YMWONG22
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1270 days ago
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