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Do you think like Fat Person?

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The longer I'm on this journey, the more and more I realize how much our thoughts, our mental picture and processing control the results. During the 1/2 marathon, all 4 hrs and 59 minutes and 20 seconds of it gives friends a lot of time to talk. My running coach and BFF James said during the conversation whatever it was at the time, "It's because your thinking like Fat Patty, not Healthy Patty". He's like, your Healthy now, start thinking like the healthy person you've become. I realized he he was so right.

For me, (maybe for you too), the physical is maybe about 20% of my journey, and the mental about 80%. I've spent the majority of my life as very over weight, and very unhealthy. While I still may be overweight, okay according to those little boxes, that drive me crazy I'm obese (I hate that). I'm healthier than I've ever been. Even though physically my body might still be in transition. My mind has mind that switch.

Having a healthy mindset, allows me to make this a life style, which is leading to permanent changes, and not temporary ones. It's what keeps my daily choices in
check, and not simply just a means to an end. I'm not completely there yet,
part of me still thinks like a fat person.

I mean being the Fat girl, that's who I am, it's all I know. I don't really know who I am, not being that person. It's automatically, wondering if the chair is strong enough to hold me, it's understanding that many people sweat in 90 degree humid weather, and not just me, because I'm fat. It's being open to the fact that someone might actually want to take me out on a date, and that it's not some cruel joke that I didn't catch on to.

There's still a lot of healing, mentally and physically to happen. It's a process, it's God's Grace. Thinking like a healthy person, just the thinking, is a big part of that change. The mental change, that will help facilitate the physical one.
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