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Saturday Morning

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Well, I have started my day with a bang! Apparently I have upset someone I gave a 'Goodie' and upset the same person with a comment on this person's blog. I have apologized and truly did not mean to upset this person. I must have had my head in the clouds because I thought 'Goodies' were good things and were meant as gestures of friendship. And I have made comments to friends, not criticizing, but just commenting where I was at the moment. I guess I really feel bad at the outcome. I try not to make 'bland' comments and want the person to know that I care. emoticon

I have great plans for my day!! I have more 'tubs' to go through. I do not believe I will ever see the end of them. So far I have found 6 Bibles not counting the 3 that I have on my bookshelf. I was pleased to find them as I did not remember where they were. I have to finish up my laundry today and that will be it for awhile. I have fed my chickens so that is okay until this evening. And I have new batteries for my camera and I want to take some pictures today!! Hopefully, it will not rain! It is gray and cloudy but I will hold out for good weather. It will be gone soon enough!

I am going to start doing daily devotionals to keep the right mindset. And make a new pledge to myself to improve my body, mind, emotions and mind. I am going to:

1. Be positive for myself and others

2. Track all food and drinks daily

3. Track fitness daily and raise my fitness expectations

4. Blog daily for my journal to myself

5. Lower my blood sugars and improve my A1C's

6. Stay within my calorie range

7. Make sure I have the fruits and vegetables I need for a healthy diet

I feel that these are manageable goals to work for and maintain.

While in Chair Exercising Team I found some websites for chair exercises for senior and for people in wheel chairs. They are really great and I am going to pick one to start because right now I am bored with what I am doing. So I will start September on a high note. Also, I am looking forward to the Virtual Labor Day party! Good times!!


Tough times
Never last;
But tough people do

Dr. Robert Schuyler

Hope you have a great day, my friends emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • v HAWTGRANNY2014
    Alice I know you meant well. You always make me feel better with your words of kindness and cheering me on. We can do this and I will send you some more chair exercise links. I do some too. I do both chair and standing but some of those chair exercises can kick your butt. Come on and lets succeed.

    this is one of those chair exercises that will get you going.
    ch?v=c3NDzgqjfyU this isn't so bad.
    /watch?v=4SEE-dCoQgc fun but a go getter..Paul Eugene.

    Hope this helps. Pam
    734 days ago
  • v SPEDED2
    My dear friend ~ There are people in this world who are not happy unless they can make others feel miserable. You are so loving, supportive, and giving. As the saying goes, "There's one in every crowd!" My life is better because of caring people like you.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    734 days ago
  • v SURVIVOR61
    I wouldn't worry about the goodie thing, Take it from me sweetie, it won't be the first or the last time you will offend someone here on spark people. Someone complained about one of my profile pictures I had of the crucifixion from the Passion of the Christ and Spark People made me remove it as it was offensive and gory. Then some of my health tips are actually challenged of the definitions of one word. So I just agree to disagree. You are doing fine, your positive and a supportive team member. Keep up the great job.
    Lots of love in Christ your sister
    734 days ago
    That is amazing how someone can take something nice, like sparkgoodies, and ruin them by making them seem to be bad. It is their problem and so not yours!
    Keep giving goodies, but you may want to eliminate giving them to that person.

    Big emoticon
    735 days ago
    Love your quote for the day. GOODIES ARE FOR EXACTLY WHAT YOU BELIEVED THEY ARE!!! They are for sharing encouragement & cheer with our sparkfamily. They can be for special occasions. They can be for helping pick up someone who is down. They are the same as sending a "Hallmark Card". You were NOT doing wrong. If someone took it the wrong way, that is on THEM. Being kind to someone is always POSITIVE. How they accept that kindness is not your responsibility or "fault" so you have nothing to be guilty about. I highly doubt that you gave them an offensive goodie. For 1, there are none. For 2, there are some that I wonder about (Food goodies that are a bit tempting) but it's better to get a chocolate "goodie" than to eat chocolate so maybe that's a good thing. Anyway... I am just LOVING getting to know you better and proud & happy to call you FRIEND. Thank you for coming into my life. God has truly blessed me!!! Love ya
    735 days ago
    Great postive direction!

    There are, as you know, so many great and supportive people on SP. Then again, there are some who are not. If your intentions are good, that is all that matters.

    take care
    735 days ago
  • v LUCYCAN7
    Love you new pledge!The chair exercises are also great.Believe they will be
    manageable goals,wish you the best.Great quote also.Have a good day my
    friend.Hugs and Blessings! emoticon
    735 days ago
    My dear Alice.

    I've read your blog for almost a month now and in doing so it has become very obvious that you are a religious person, with only the best and most positive intentions meant in everything you say. While I don't know the circumstances of this incident, if I had to hazard a guess I would say that what you typed was just something the other person just misunderstood or wasn't ready to come to terms with. You apologized, now don't burden yourself with it any longer. Stay positive, stick to your goals and in time this person may rethink their initial reaction.

    735 days ago
    Oh, Alice...sorry about the Goodie thing. Some people just don't "get it" and always see things in the wrong light. Hope you've already moved on. Your list of goals for yourself are awesome. So glad to see that. I agree about the exercise, and I do know the Chair Exercise Team has wonderful resources, so great work on searching them out!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    735 days ago
    I'm sorry your goodie and comment was taken wrongly by someone. You've apologized so let it go now.

    Love your goals and a positive attitude helps us in every way.
    735 days ago
  • v LJOYCE55
    I like that the first thing on your list is to be positive, especially with yourself. I know that when I have inadvertently hurt someone, I feel bad for many days. Bad that I hurt someone and bad that I did not understand them to begin with. Sounds like you have a busy day ahead, so enjoy the day and hope you feel better tomorrow.
    735 days ago
    So sorry your good intent was not received in the manner it was given! I cannot imagine you being anything less than loving and encouraging.... Hopefully this person will look at things from a different standpoint later and understand you only meant to be friendly. If not, do not worry....we cannot always please everyone! Blessings to you!! emoticon
    735 days ago
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