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Friday, August 22, 2014

Self-medicate with food? Empty carbs, fat, salt sugar. Sitting on the couch. Mmmmmmm. The siren call of potato chips: manufactured and engineered to ignite all the pleasure centres in the brain simultaneously. Instant comfort. Ice cream's pretty good too.

Or self-medicate with endorphins? Yup, those good ol' endorphins which are spontaneously generated by exercise. Those mood-elevating endorphins that make me feel so terrific afterwards.

And which would probably be enough of a benefit, even if exercise didn't do anything else at all for me at all.

Even if exercise didn't increase my cardio fitness.

Even if exercise didn't tone my muscles.

Even if exercise didn't Improve my flexibility and balance.

Self-medicate with food that sabotages my weight loss maintenance. Or self-medicate with exercise that enhances my weight loss maintenance.

Tough choice? Nope. Not if I think about it. A simple choice. An easy choice. Not always so easy to do it, however. But I've already decided. And I'm doing it.

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