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My Reasons Why

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm following BLUEJAY1969's lead and going to list my reasons for being here (again):

1. I want to get healthier and stay healthy. I am saving my life. My mother got diagnosed a few months back with diabetes, and I absolutely do not want to follow in her footsteps. I have high blood pressure, but I can change that. My goal is to eventually be on NO medication. I am at at critical age (early 50's) and I can turn myself around NOW and not end up going in and out of the hospital in a few years.

2. I want to have more energy. I am really frustrated with being tired all of the time. If I do more physical activity one day, I get totally wiped out. I want to keep up with a fairly active life, and not be dragging every day.

3. I want to be a good example for my niece and nephew. Sadly, my sister is not. At least they would have one good role model in the family for being healthy.

4. I want to feel better about myself and not be so afraid to go out. With my yo-yo dieting and constantly fluctuating weight, I am always worrying about how much weight I have gained or lost since I last saw someone, and will they notice it and say something about it, so I often just stay home.

There are other reasons:

1. I want to look as good as I possibly can.
2. I don't want to shop in "plus sized" stores for clothes.
3. I want to enjoy, not dread, clothing and dressing up.
4. I want to enjoy having my picture taken, and not hide from the camera.
5. I want to be able to run again, without worrying about stress fractures in my feet.
6. I want to be as happy as possible and I have difficulty being happy if I am obese.

I can do it!
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