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Day 993- Holding My Breath and Crossing My Fingers

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sorry for the delay, but was debating whether or not to post this.

Sunday night, I went to dinner with my prospective new boss and then had a full day of interviews on Monday. It went EXTREMELY well other than the fact that I ate what was available and what I thought wouldn't get all over me and could still talk and converse, and didn't worry as much about the calories or nutritional value, which I paid for on the scale this morning. I got to meet a bunch of people I would be working with, and was given a tour of the amazing facilities. I also got a feel for what would be expected of me, and what I was truly getting myself into.

And I LOVED it.

And yesterday, HR contacted me and asked for my references and to sign a waiver for a background check, which to me says they are hopefully interested in hiring me, but I haven't heard back yet.

However, due to the background check, I've temporarily made my page private and only people I've added as SparkFriends are currently reading this.

I'm not ashamed of this page. I'm actually very proud of my journey on SparkPeople. However, I've posted some very honest photos, some of which I'm in bathing suits or sports bras and shorts, and I just don't know how supportive a new job would be of these photos. I plan on making it public once again, as soon as I've heard from them either way. But for now, only you my SparkFriends know what is going on.

So now I'm just going to sit here, holding my breath, crossing my fingers and toes that I hear from them.

Thank you for all your good thoughts and well wishes before my interview, by the way. I could feel the good vibes all the way in Ann Arbor.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    862 days ago
    What a smart cookie you are! Many people don't realize that your employers also have access to everything you put out there online - FB & Twitter accounts are all public knowledge.

    I think it's good of you to consider that.
    1296 days ago
    Good Luck!! Very exciting times emoticon
    1303 days ago
    Holding you in prayer for a positive outcome!
    1305 days ago
    Sounds like a AWESOME place you will be working for! congrats! emoticon emoticon
    1305 days ago
  • JAMER123
    Sending more good vibes your direction! So glad to have you share with me and others your job journeys. I do understand about the private as privacy is an issue and they just might come across the posts not knowing what SP is truly about. I will keep you in my prayers as you wait to hear from them!! Good luck and best wishes.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1305 days ago
  • JENN53888
    I sure hope you hear back soon, but I can't imagine it won't be good news! Lots of good vibes coming your way!

    1305 days ago
    I'll hold my breath with you!!! Let us know when you hear!!!
    1305 days ago
    good luck! sounds like you've pretty much got it in the bag...
    1305 days ago
    1305 days ago
    emoticon I hope you get it!!!
    1305 days ago
  • ELLIE381
    Way to go! Good luck! emoticon
    1305 days ago

    Do you understand the extent of what a background check involves? I had several of them when I was going into the service, because of the job I was doing, and several after I got in the service, to keep me going up in rank. Young lady, they wouldn't waste their money doing a background investigation, if they weren't going to hire you! The only reason they wouldn't hire you is if something negative showed up that they weren't able to over look, which I don't see how that's possible! Don't hold your breath, as I don't want you passing out on me!


    - Nancy Jean -
    1305 days ago
    good luck. to me it sounds like they are interested.
    1305 days ago
    Sounds like great news. Good luck. emoticon Thanks for sharing.
    1305 days ago
  • KMW987
    Good Luck!
    I'm playing the waiting game over here too, waiting to hear back about my hubby's prospective new job, so I feel your pain!

    1305 days ago
  • JILL313
    It does sound positive and you'd be a great addition to what sounds like a great job for you. Lots of Luck to you. They probably won't offer you the job until they have a copy of your background check in hand. I sure could be wrong but with good jobs so scare they want to be absolutely sure you're A+ material, which we all know here you are. My hunch is your go to go for it. I know the hard part is now waiting and praying to hear back from them with Great News!! We'll all be celebrating your Happiness virtually along with you & your Fiance, family & friends. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1305 days ago
    Good Luck!!!
    1305 days ago
    I am happy for you! They do not usually do a background check unless they were seriously considering hiring you. Hoping for the best!! emoticon
    1305 days ago
    Very excited for you. I think you are such a doll. Cant' wait to hear! I have good vibes about this!!! Also the pic of you and your fiancé on the back ground of this page is covered, do you also have it with your other pictures? It looks so cute! I agree with all the other comments!! emoticon
    1305 days ago
    Sorry for the feelings you have about having your page private. In our society, I understand, but it doesn't make it right. Our support is crucial for our success. I hope everything is a positive experience, as it should be.

    I've missed your blogs. They help keep me grounded. The weight you put on today will come off quickly. It all works eventually.
    1305 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Sounds very promising. They don't do back ground checks unless they are very interested in hiring you. Hopefully you we hear from them sometime next week God Blessings Always. Have a Wonderful Week. Lots Of Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!coming Your Way. Take Care. Stay Safe.
    1305 days ago
    Keep up the good work!
    1305 days ago
  • MOM2JTD3
    good luck and remember everything happens for a reason! emoticon
    1306 days ago
    Wow, it looks as if things are moving fast in the right direction, Jan-Marie, and I truly hope you get the job! Making your page private is a wise move at this stage - you are entitled to some privacy and peace of mind! Maybe you can drink lots of water and eat Whole30-like this week to get the scales back in line too!
    I run the personnel office for a large culture centre and it takes a week to ten days to do background checks, have a last minute overview of all papers an applicant has handed in, arrange a short meeting to make sure the department, boss etc. are clear on which applicant they want to hire, as well as looking at the financial side of things. So, lots of deep breaths and long walks to help time fly away this week - you can do it!
    1306 days ago
    I would say it looks good for you!! Most companies only do a background check and call references if they want to hire you - otherwise they wouldn't waste the emoticon emoticon ir time
    1306 days ago
    1306 days ago
  • JENNY888
    Sounds to me that you might have it. I will pray you do.
    1306 days ago
    Good luck!!

    New jobs are so exciting.
    1306 days ago
    ooooo. Exciting. And thanks for including me in the happy news. yay!
    1306 days ago
  • RURAL3
    I am praying for your job confirmation. I think you did the right thing to make your page private. You have put yourself way out there in a very honest way and it could be construed differently to a perspective employer. Besides, they don't need to know all that stuff. Congrats on how well it is going. What a great new journey for you and JD. emoticon emoticon
    1306 days ago
  • ABAKER34
    That sounds very promising, and smart thinking on going private with your sparkpage. Good luck on the job, I know it will work out for you!
    1306 days ago
  • GINA180847
    Better safe than sorry. My very ebullient granddaughter posts willy nilly and I hope she does not pay a price for this. My sister already warned her about being careful as like she says it is there forever. I am honored that you place trust in me. Unlike my GD you come across as mature which she needs to grow into. She is very young.
    1306 days ago
    Love Ann Arbor! Is the job with the university?

    I don't blame you for erring on the side of caution; how many tales have we heard about people not getting jobs because of stupid pictures they've posted on Facebook!?!

    But they would have to know your Sparkname "Bobcatgirl76" in order to google your page, and how would they know that?

    Good luck.
    1306 days ago
    1306 days ago
    I think it sounds really good. And besides, I can't imagine someone meeting you and not loving you! I only know you from your blogs and I think you are an amazing young woman! Can't wait to hear the good news! emoticon
    1306 days ago
  • MINEA999
    Sounds like you're a shoe-in. I think locking your page for a few days is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Congratulations! (maybe premature but I'm confident).
    1306 days ago
    I hope you get it!

    I completely know how you feel about hiding your page for work. It shouldn't matter, but it does. Good thinking on this!
    1306 days ago
    Definitely sounds like they are serious! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! And don't panic too much on how long it is taking them to get back to you. The background check for my job took 10 days. It seemed so insane to me...and the longest wait ever!
    1306 days ago
    How exciting! Happy for you!

    1306 days ago
    Sounds like you have it! Good luck! Michigan is beautiful! It's a good start to a new life!
    1306 days ago
  • C8TSON
    I imagine you have this job already. Employers don't typically do background checks unless they are serious about hiring. emoticon So happy for you!
    1306 days ago
    You've got this...sure sounds like it anyways. I keep my page private all the time anyways. This is a place where I feel safe and like to keep it to only the people I've accepted as friends. Anyways, glad I'm on the friends list. :) Good luck with the job...although I'm pretty sure you already have it.
    1306 days ago
    Here's sending you happy thoughts. It can take a couple of days for them to get your background check back ... so don't hold your breath. I don't want you passing out.

    You should be very, very proud of your accomplishments.
    1306 days ago
  • BA5454
    Fingers crossed for you--even if you would be defecting to the Michigan (just kidding). Hope the job comes through ;-).
    1306 days ago
    WOOHOO! It does sound promising! Fingers crossed I'll be welcoming you to Michigan living soon! I don't blame you for making the page private. I have all my stuff on lockdown especially when job searching. You can never be too careful. Congrats and fingers crossed for you!
    1306 days ago
  • LEWILL1982
    Don't hold your breath, you'll turn blue :-)

    Good luck -as someone working in HR - I would think you've pretty much got this!
    1306 days ago
    I couldn't be happier for you!! Sending LOTS more good vibes your way - but I don't really think you need them! This company is probably VERY aware of how blessed they are to be getting you - given how your spirit and enthusiasm shine in WORDS I know you in PERSON blew them away!!
    1306 days ago
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