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Post Vacation and Mid Stomach Bug Lessons

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I was going hardcore the last time I blogged on August 9th. I was in control of my eating, making time for exercise, and generally making my health a priority. Everything had come together. 10 days later and I am slightly worse for wear but still here. A summary:

Trying to Stay on Target While On Vacation:

I left for a vacation on the 10th, and it was fantastic! I never went to the beach as a child, so I spent a good 45 minutes every day boogie boarding and felt like a kid. It was so fun! I loved walking on the sand looking for shells, swimming in the ocean and seeing what it looks like to swim under the waves with my goggles, and playing with my kids. I only went to the gym twice but when I did I really gave it my all, and also took the stairs to our 15th floor condo several times and generally stayed active. I ate generally healthily for maybe the first three days, but after that it got harder. It is really hard for me to track things that I don't eat that often and don't have a frame of reference for. How much fried okra was that? Is a chicken fried steak smothered in gravy a 6 oz portion or more? (To be honest, I don't want to know:) What were the Ethiopian dishes we inhaled even called? Based on their deliciousness I have to think that the fact they were vegetarian did not mean they were calorie sparse. I definitely reverted into an 'all or nothing' mentality along the way and just let go of the tracking.

In the positive column I continued to eat a healthy breakfast every morning and usually had a healthy lunch that incorporated some vegetal and fruit matter. However, the frozen lemonades, New York style pizza, crab cakes, funnel cake and Ethiopian cuisine certainly called my name all in succession, and I also reverted back to my sugary Dr. Pepper habit somewhat, having one with our meals our several times.

Toward the end of our trip I began to feel anxious. A big part of my daily routine is weighing myself every morning. I began to worry about what the scale would say when I came home. What if I gained back every stinking pound I lost in the two weeks prior? The thought was weighing me down and I really began to give up and give in and lose sight of my goal. As soon as we stepped through the door I ran to the scale and saw 153. Okay, well, two pounds gained. Wish I had done better, but not so bad.

Enter the Stomach Bug:

Was it the chicken fried steak on Saturday morning? I will never know for sure, but all I can say is Saturday was uncomfortable, and as soon as we got home Saturday night I was positively miserable. I thought about tracking my food, but thinking about food just made me sick to my stomach and I don't even want to think about it. It's Tuesday, and I'm still miserable...but I lost those two pounds again so there is that. Not that it matters when I don't even want to move and all I want to do is sleep. Clearly there is more to health than the number on the scale - lesson learned! So now I am just kind of in holding pattern but anxious to get back exercising once I get myself in good health. While sitting on the wagon feels a little disappointing after already spending a week away, at least I haven't rolled off yet.

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  • GHK1962
    I see you just posted another blog today ... but did want to make that comment on the soda thing.

    Not an .. here's some advice comment. Nor a "you can do it - rah rah" comment.

    More a .... man ... I like soda too. (Well, you might already recall that from other comments I have made.) And Dr. Pepper mmmm. (I'm not making this better am I? I need to shush.)

    But ... I also have diabetes ... so try to control sugar intake. So all my carbonated drinks are diet. (Unless they have hops in it ... then mmmmmm.)

    Ok ... stopping my rambling here. To be continued on your next blog post. ...
    1273 days ago
    It's lame, but I think I am going to 'start back on Monday'. And I am enjoying the benefits of having been in good health prior to bug - I can feel that my arms and shoulders are stronger than normal, and based on the scale I can tell my metabolism is running a little faster than usual. Now that I'm eating again I did regain the boost in energy I had prior. However I am totally back on the soda wagon. Saving that for Monday too? I think so. Thanks!
    1276 days ago
  • GHK1962
    I hope your feel better today - stoopid stomach bug!

    As for getting back on track, just hop aboard when the sickies go away. Rest is important when you are ill or injured. And I think we (the 'we' in general, not the you and I we ... because if I had really meant the "you and I" we you would think to yourself ... who is this person? Well .. ok ... you might still be thinking that ..but nevertheless ...uh...rats, I am lost as to what I was originally saying ....let me end this parenthetical digression and start over.)

    Uhh ... getting back on track, yada, yada ... rest is important, blah, blah .... ok...I remembered what I was going to write...

    I think we tend to think that once we have slipped, or stepped back a bit, that when we start up we should be able to start right in on where we were at. But ... it might take some time to get back to where we left off. A few days? A few weeks? Depends on how long we were off I think. In your case, it's just been a week or so, so likely a few days for you.

    Now ... the most important thing I think though is .... you had a GREAT vacation! And that is a good thing. :)

    (Sorry so long ... I am a rambly sort.)
    1279 days ago
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