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Some relief and maybe finally getting off this plateau...

Monday, August 18, 2014

So we aren't going to get to go to SC because we desperately need a new car before winter. I'm relieved...we were going there mostly to see my mom and dad who won't fly and won't do long drives anymore (Myrtle Beach is about an hour and half for them)...and seeing them just stresses me out. To make a long story short my parents have issues that they won't deal with and that I can't convince them to deal with that just drive me crazy because I don't like seeing them suffer needlessly either. They're getting older and they won't attend to their medical issues that are cropping up because of paranoia about seeing doctors....this is very hard on me because I'm certain I'll lose my parents sooner rather than later because of it and because if I have even a hint of a medical problem I GO TO THE DOCTOR, it's second nature for me. Even if they have something bad to say I assume they'll have some way to treat me, even if it's treating the symptoms! I don't like going to doctors either but I go..../rant.

So we're looking at maybe Chicago which isn't stressful at all. It's close and we can take the train so no airport security or my poor hubby being cramped on a plane (he's rather tall).

The other thing is I seem to be finally dropping weight again. I guess I was eating a bit too little for my activity (which I had a feeling about!) SP gives me a BMR that I feel is low for my normal activity level so I guess it's that. Aside from planned exercise I walk everywhere and do a lot around the house, I don't track all that. I also was losing when I wasn't cutting calories much at all. Eating at 2000-2200 was giving me a quarter to a half pound loss most weeks. 1550 has been giving me 1 1/2 - 2...
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    And now it looks like we might be going again...getting some pressure from my family to make this happen. We'll see.
    1282 days ago
    Exactly. I've tried talking to them about it so many times...they just shrug it off as I'm younger than them and can't know better I think. But I have heard so many stories of people who just shrugged off symptoms until they ended up seeing a doctor and being told what they had was fatal but may not have been if caught early enough....or ending up having a heart attack or something that just kills them outright. That's how my dad's father went..he was ignoring pain he was having in his arm. And losing my parents may well leave me with my sister who lives with them. She has never had a job (my folks prefer her around home looking after them) at age 22 and has basically zero life skills...and I might end up having to take care of her as I would be probably her first choice. She wouldn't be thrilled living with us either because unlike my parents I would insist on her learning some basic life skills and getting a job, not sitting around playing video games all day except when my dad makes her mow the lawn or something. I don't like dealing with her either, my parents' have let her stay extremely immature and I feel like I'm dealing with a twelve year old and not a 22 year old. I have friends in their early twenties....they have jobs and some of them have apartments of their own even. I moved out at 22 myself and had my first job at 18...and had babysat prior to that.

    I'm not upset at the no SC thing. Maybe I'll be feeling it more next year. Maybe we can find something down there that we'll look forward to doing (we're not beach people, we like cities...museums, nice restaurants, botanical gardens...etc).

    SP is still giving me a 1200-1550 range with working out and I was already eating at the top of that. Once I started running my weight loss just stalled. I find if I eat a little over what SP gives I do better (1700- 1800 ish) and feel better in my workouts.
    1283 days ago
  • ACRAIG921
    I'm sorry that your parents won't listen to you. I know you have only their best interest. I know it can be scary going to the doctor for fear of what they might tell you. I see it so many times at work that people will wait until they are really sick and then go to the hospital to find out that have something really bad, but it could've been prevented by going to the doctor in the first place. I hope they will listen to you.

    That stinks that you can't go to SC, but Chicago will be lots of fun. I love going there. We've never taken the train there. My hubby is amazed at the sheer number of people there!

    I'm glad to hear that the weight is coming off. I think I get a range of like 1300-1600 calories without working out and when I stick with that is when I see more weight loss, but with me running my calories go way up and the numbers aren't going as fast as I'd like.

    Keep us the great work. You are doing emoticon !!
    1283 days ago
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