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Hiking under a threatening sky

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Look at the sky that welcomed me as I reached Bréançon, in the Vexin area, this afternoon…

Yet, the weather forecast was for a nice afternoon with no rain, so I decided to trust them!

I must say this weather was very nice to walk in, cool and refreshing, as long as you didn’t stop to think: “What if there is a thunderstorm?!" I decided not to think! emoticon

Yet when I entered the forest, it was like a completely different world to the one I am used to on my hikes… It was… alive. Full of noises. The loud wind, the branches sounding like they would break any minute, the animals more ‘present’ than usual.

It was interesting and fun in a way, but also a bit scary. I hard survived a dementia patient’s attack yesterday (more on that later!), I didn’t want to take a tree on my head today! emoticon

Well, you’ll be very glad to hear I didn’t. I only got my hiking boots a bit wet, but as they are perfectly waterproof, that was no problem (this is the wettest summer we have had in France since 2001!... awful for a hike lover like me to cancel hike after hike because of the weather!).

I should stop complaining because that also means we have lots of flowers…

… and it’s also a good year for blackberries! In places, the sides of the path were covered with them!

I had actually done part of that hike in the past, but was still very happy to do it again. I might try to do it again at a completely different time of the year, in the snow for example if we get some this year (we didn’t last winter).

The views on the countryside were really beautiful and serene. Who would think this is only about 40 minutes away from Paris?!

Although it might technically speaking be called the suburb, you definitely feel like you are very far away from Paris, in the middle of nowhere! This is what I love so much about my hikes.

And making new friends, of course!!!

The first part of the hike had been through the woods, but the last part was mostly through the fields.

The beetroots (cultivated to make sugar in the North of France, they are huge and white... very different from the ones you put in your salads!) were starting to look quite good.

I said earlier it was a good year for blackberries. Well it is also a good year for apples, look at this tree! :)

These horses seemed pretty content in their pasture, they didn’t even look at me as I passed them by.

I turned into one last path, avoiding the mud as best as I could…

… and I was back at my car near Bréançon’s church!

Thank you so much for reading my blog today!
Thank you also for all your kind words on my feed after I shared about my nasty experience of being attacked by a dementia patient at my mother's nursing home on Friday (I am so glad for my mother's gentleness despite Alzheimer's). The old woman screamed, pulled my hair, grabbed my shirt, and bit my arm. It was all very quick and violent. For a moment I even thought she was going to make me fall! I was focused on the pain of her pulling my hair (an unbearable pain for me! from now on I’ll put my hair in a bun when I visit my mother!), but I have the 'nice' shape of her front teeth on my forearm now! I was very glad for all the staff (it took 5 of them to get her off me!) that came to my rescue, and even more glad my mother didn't see anything as she had her back to this incident and was sound asleep. Not sure what will happen next… the old woman seemed in a good mood yesterday so let’s hope it is a one off (although she is always verbally aggressive, and even more so with me for some reason!). For those of you who have met me, you’ll see how funny this really is: I am 6ft and far from thin! Only a dementia patient could attack me I think!!! Yet her dementia made her incredibly strong!

Let’s end with a lovely scene of today’s hike, much nicer to focus on… emoticon

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