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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Making more progress over here! Almost all of my national guard paperwork is complete. I have a few medical papers I have to figure out how to get; I need to somehow verify my security clearance; and I am waiting on my certificate of good standing from my state bar to arrive (hopefully today). *phew* If my certificate arrives today, hopefully I can get everything done and sent in by the end of the day tomorrow!

I've also requested my medical records and requested and picked up a copy of my dental records. Still need to request a copy of my mental health records.

I called a property manager and left a voice mail, and I filled out the form on their website, but no one has called me back. It's been two days. They are supposed to be one of the best in the area, but I feel like I am going to look for a different place. I need to get my house rented ASAP.

I joined Angie's List recently to find a painter to paint my pergola. I have not called anyone yet. But they send you random deals in your email, and one of them was for a junk removal service. See, I have boxes and other stuff in my garage, for years now. Since I moved in! And I am lazy and dont want to break down the boxes myself. That would take a long time. Plus having to take them somewhere, etc. So I purchased the deal, and now someone can remove all of the junk in my garage for me! Sweet! Still need to call a painter.

Ugh my bathtub drain in the master bathroom is clogged pretty bad and I need to take care of that ASAP. Apparently the drain plug is one of the stupid ones where you need to get a tiny screw driver to unscrew something - otherwise you cant get the plug out of the drain. I know what I'll be doing tonight. Stupid house maintenance. But in reality, its one small thing and it shouldnt take long. I need to vaccuum and dust, too.

So my list:
Finish national guard paperwork and send in
Call different property manager
Call a painter
Clean house / unclog drain

Booked my travel to go back to NJ next week Wednesday-Monday. My credit card hates me. I just keep telling myself that when I temporarily move in with my parents, I'll be saving money and I'll be able to make substantial credit card payments. *sigh*

This week I've been rocking the morning workouts. Still hate waking up early, but the workouts are only 30 minutes, so I just keep telling myself its only 30 minutes earlier than normal. I am feeling quite sore in a good way. And I ran 3 miles after work yesterday, too. Have a 14 miler scheduled for Saturday! Yikes!

I just signed up to run a 10 mile race on September 6th here in Colorado, about an hour north of where I live. It's a 9/11 Remembrance run. I'm looking forward to it, and it fits in perfectly with my marathon training :)

I'll keep you updated as I continue checking more things off my list, and adding more, too. :) Thanks for all of your support!!!
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