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Crapola Week

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I had my pregnancy glucose test on tuesday which I was dreading but also we had an ultrasound so I was kind of excited about the appointment as well. They called me at 5 pm the night before and to say the tech was sick, so no ultrasound. I kept reading on babycenter that most labs do a 1 hr test and then if u fail they do a 3 hr. Well my lab skipped straight to the 3 hr. At least I know I don't have to do the 3 hr if I failed this one. Ultrasound is next week. I brought up the water birth at my appointment said I really wanted one and she laughed and said "Well that isn't gonna happen and I don't do them anyway". What do u mean you don't do them? What is there "to do" when it comes to where I am laboring? I swear every time I see her, I like her less and less. I just don't even know what my alternative is. Even if I did see a midwife, the tub isn't available anymore and the midwives in town are connected to a doctor that I don't like at all. So if I have an emergency I would have to see him and that idea terrifies me. Changing doctors at 6.5 months seems stupid and probably impossible. It's gonna be what it's gonna be and best thing I can do is arm myself with confidence.

The rest of my crapola week had to do with work. Starting to really dislike my job and feel very alone there. Been doing it 4 months and I still don't feel like I can find a grove. It's active that's about it. Other than that everyday is about the same. I don't get along or have anything in common with hardly anyone. People are always around to point out where your messing up. One person tells u one thing and then another person gets mad at u for repeating it to a customer. Ughhh whatever! My photo job called a few weeks ago to see if I wanted to come back for the season. Of course I can't, that job has a lot of lifting equipment and I am not supposed to lift more than 25 lbs right now. All if fine, still working, close to home. One day soon I will wish I could work....maybe. Oh ya and I split my pants open on my way into my car yesterday for work.

Made it to my dance class twice this week so far. Saturday there is a 2 hour dance benefit for cancer research. I'll go and see how long I can stay. 90 minutes might be enough we will see. I have three maternity workout pants! Those things are damn near impossible to find! Eating has been ok, steps have been good. Last 2-3 days I got 15k steps. It's been a good week for energy so far.

Bella is embracing my stomach

27 weeks
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  • FUEL82
    Aww Bella is so cut on your stomach! She is getting her loving in now. Isn't it funny how they seem to know :-)!

    You look FABULOUS and FIT for being over half way there!!! Don't feel bad! You are doing amazing work exercising and staying active. I know how hard it is and you are doing amazing!!!

    I am sorry about your Ob-Gyn. That is very insensitive. Those Ob's are an odd bunch. I learned that mine just wants the glory of being a surgeon. Everybody raved about her but I found her bedside manner so cold. There was another OB who was suppose to do my C-section but got called away. She was no nice. When I first met her she was so cheerful she was syrupy but later I felt she was the most supportive of my pregnancy and made me feel good and safe. If the practice rotates maybe you will get one of the better people to deliver. I agree with Jennifer though. Equip yourself with the techniques to help you during delivery--that is the biggest thing. The breathing and relaxation techniques are your real savior. You'll will do great! You are staying fit and healthy so don't worry too much! :-)
    1276 days ago
    Love your 27 weeks picture! I'm sorry about the whole thing with your doctor. It makes me sad that she had to say it in such a way which would make you feel shut down. Doctors should explain their reasoning, and make sure they back it up with medical evidence and have proof ready for you, because in the end the mother wants what is best for their baby and themselves. So if the doctor feels it's not safe for whatever reason you deserve much more of a response than just "no."

    I agree with the others that once the baby comes your job problems will be much less important. Just try and laugh it off and think, you have way more serious stuff to worry about.

    Wish you all the best!
    1284 days ago
    Sorry you had such a suckwaddy week, but I had to laugh about your pants splitting!

    And, well, there are problems with water births with transfer of bacteria and such, so a lot of places are discontinuing the practice. I know it isn't what you want to hear, but according to my crazy sister the midwife, there have been problems. So maybe go with what's available and leave it at that.
    1285 days ago
    Thank God you were not exposed to a sick ultrasound technician!!

    We had few choices for labor and delivery when I was pregnant. I went to a doctor I knew and right about the time I went to him he started drinking heavily again and cancelled all of my appointments but one. I had no prenatal care other then what I got from my regular doctor. When I ended up with premature labor the O.B. and my internist got into a huge fight in the hall about me. My doctor came in and said, "That man is not taking care of any more of my patients and I am transferring you to Barnes!!!!! He is not delivering your baby!" I was glad to leave. I suggest that you see what other options are available in the event of an emergency. I ended up having one of the best O.B guys in the nation over there and within 5 minutes he had my confidence. It was like having George Clooney hold your hand. We were relieved.

    I hope you can tough the job out. Your doctor may want you to not work up until the time you deliver any way.

    It sounds like you are doing well otherwise.

    I love that picture of you and Bella!!! Such a precious photo! She knows a baby is in there!! She must be very smart and love you very much.
    1285 days ago
    Okay so I've been following your water-birth saga for awhile, but haven't said anything because I have never had one and don't know much about them. But honestly, the best thing you can do right now is stay the course, and also learn the breathing techniques. The breathing really helped me. Also, while I was in the hospital laboring, I found warm showers were really helpful and doctors and nurses were always willing to let me do those. I would go into the bathroom, Dan would come with me, and I would just stand under the water with the spray hitting me right at the small of my back. I got the epidural too and while it doesn't take ALL the pain away, it did help me to manage with all the kids except Braden, because by the time I got it it was really too late and one contraction after the epidural went in, it was time to push. The first labor is always the hardest, my other labors were a lot easier and a lot shorter. It's just something you get through, and really you will be holding that baby a lot longer than you will be worried about what kind of birthing plan is in place. All that birthing-plan stuff goes out the window when the action starts happening, and once your baby is here, it will all be moot anyway.

    I'm sorry the job isn't giving you much happiness right now. I think once your baby is here, you will start to see life very differently and a lot of your stressors now will not be there anymore in just a few short months. Hang in there. You're doing great. :)
    1285 days ago
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