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Couch to 5K

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First day...that stuff is INTENSE. Total running time six minutes, longest run streak one minute. Neither my HRM nor the program times me so I'm not sure about speed. My phone was working hard enough running C25K and Pandora and I'm having to hold my phone in my hand anyway so I was not running my pedometer app.
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    Ok already getting excited for my next run. I think I can pace this so I can actually do it.
    892 days ago
    Pacing myself sounds like an epic idea by the way. Maybe I won't get shin splints that way.
    893 days ago
    My run is more of a jog right now. I haven't run for any purpose other than catching buses in recent years (I do more dancing and hiking) but I do have hope for it! I think I will think about adding time before working on speed. The more of this that I can jog vs walk the better. Even if I can only reach technical jogging speeds still by the end of this I'll be much better at doing it (and have more general endurance I'm sure) when I'm done. I think I'll wait on getting anything more specialized than an iPhone app for now (especially since we're getting a new car and going on vacay all within the space of the next two and half months) but I can't say it won't be an investment I won't make later. I might really get into this! I've had some pretty big things happen for me this year (increasing my regular walking speed, increasing my regular walking distance, hiking without knee pain, being able to do (multiple!) squats) and so I have hope for other big things. By the next time hubby and I take a city vacation (we're going to just relax on the beach this time) I should be able to keep up with him, even if we do go back to Baltimore/Washington (my flatlander legs hated the hills....I was dying by dinner time).
    893 days ago
    Awesome job on your run!!

    When you are starting out, I think the minutes are more important than the MPH. Getting to a point where you can run X number of minutes without stopping is a great first goal.

    That said, when I started running more regularly, I bought a Garmin Forerunner 110, and now, I have a hard time running without it. That tracks your MPH continually and has a HRM built in AND best of all makes these totally amazing graphs and charts when you plug it in lol. I have a really bad habit of starting out faster than I should because I'm excited at the start of a race, and having the Garmin really helps me keep on pace so I don't burn out too quickly.

    Oh, also, I believe you can use something like gmaps pedometer, and that will let you map out your course, and then you can plug that data into something like Daily Mile with your overall minutes, and it will calculate your MPH. Won't show you splits and your run v. walk times, but it would at least be a starting point! Good luck!!
    893 days ago
  • SUE5007
    Remember the running portion doesn't have to be an all-out, run as fast as you can, type of run. Think of it as jogging, not running, and you will be able to go farther. Good luck to you! emoticon emoticon
    893 days ago
    I AM enjoying my sweat session in general the more I have them. Wearing my HRM makes me more excited too because the metrics are exciting for me to see...I like numbers what can I say?
    893 days ago
    My issue is I don't want my phone to be without it's otterbox, I drop it way too I'm going to have to find a carrier that will hold my phone IN the otterbox. Right now I'll carry it until I find something. It's not a huge deal and I'm going to ask for a wireless set of earphones for Christmas (I'm hard to shop for, I'd buy them myself but they'll be an inexpensive gift for someone to get me) if I can wait that long...I think I'd rather have something that can carry my keys and ID too without adding a lot of bulk. Almost NONE of my workout clothes have pockets so I was stuck carrying my keys too...

    Thanks for the link! I did some stretches but there are some there I didn't know about!
    893 days ago
  • ACRAIG921
    Awesome job on the run!! Make sure you are doing your stretching after you run. Here is an article about stretches after running:


    I ordered an armband for my phone from Amazon for $9 so I can use my running app. It works awesome and it was much cheaper than the ones I saw at the store for like $20-25.

    You'll be surprised at how much you will look forward to running. I'm at that point right now and I've only been running for probably less than a month. Someone gave me the advice to add like 15 seconds per week. I try to add 1 minute per week.

    I hope you have an awesome day!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    893 days ago
    It's pretty intense but I know it will get better. I had zero knee pain (woohoo!) just a little bit of shin pain but I've always gotten that running. I'll have to look up what to do to make that go away.
    893 days ago
    I want to do this too--looking forward to getting to the point where I'm able to start planning!
    893 days ago
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