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So happy to be a renter...

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Some days I am ever so thankful we don't own a home, and today was one of those days. I woke up around 8 this morning to pee, and when I got up I thought... hmmm, it's awfully warm in here... so I checked the thermostat. Sure enough, it was almost 80 in here. The AC was dead. I was annoyed, but immediately thankful for two things: 1. That we cleaned in here over the weekend and didn't have a bunch of stuff to do before we could call maintenance. 2. That all I had to do was call maintenance and the problem would be taken care of for free.

The rental office opened at 9, although no one answered the phone til 9:30. I told her then that our AC was out and she said she would get them up here as soon as possible. Just before 10:30, they knocked on the door. I was shocked, I was expecting to wait at least into a long sweltery afternoon before they came. But there he was. Within 15 minutes he had the problem solved and was gone on his merry way. Which meant I could go back to bed, which is exactly what I did. I slept until 12:30 and felt considerably better on my second go around at waking up.

After I woke up at 8, while I was waiting for time to call the leasing office, I ate a breakfast burrito. Once I was done eating I mostly sat here struggling to stay awake until he came. Unfortunately a knock at the door won't wake me up, so I had to stay awake and wait. After I woke up from my nap I had a veggie burger.

Then I did some productive things, like call insurance companies for quotes for the new car and gather laundry for dh to do this evening. Along with checking store ads and coupon websites. I had planned to be more physically productive, clean something or do something, but calling insurance companies took a while and I just sort of ran out of time.

When it was time to wake dh up, we ate stir fry with brown rice. Tons of veggies, a little chicken and some brown rice. Very yummy. Then we had to go to the library and to Walgreens. After we got home from that, dh took the laundry down to the laundry room and put it in to wash while I started working on the grocery list and menu.

Later I had a grilled cheese samich and tomato soup. After that I just sat here and talked to my mom while I waited for the laundry to finish. Then when he brought it upstairs, I got up and put the laundry away and then went into the kitchen and did a load of dishes. For some reason... maybe TOM, or who knows... my back was hurting BAD by the time I was done with the dishes. I did get them all in and got the dishwasher started, though, so it was a success. Afterward I came and sat down to give my back a break.

I'm debating mentioning to my dr that I'm having a lot of back problems when I see her in a couple weeks, but if I do she will just give me muscle relaxers, and I already have those. I guess I'll see how it's doing when the appointment rolls around.

Tomorrow is grocery day. Before we go I'm going to clean out the fridge and unload the dishwasher and get it ready for any dishes. I'm happy to say no real cleaning needs to be done in the kitchen, usually t hat's on the list too. After dh wakes up we will head out to the stores and get the things we need. Hopefully without the car breaking down. We are eating dinner out somewhere, but I don't know where yet.

For the rest of tonight I'm just going to relax with my book. All my chores are done for the day.

Hope everyone had a happy Hump Day!

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    1320 days ago
    It's good you like being a renter. My family hated renting but the property managers never fixed anything. I guess it depends where you live Glad everything worked out for you. I would be so happy if it was 80 degrees but I live in a warm state so 80 is actually nice and cool here. If I lived in Ohio, I would be freezing. I know those of you who live in cold states think that's funny. We get cold when it's 40 or 50 degrees. :p

    1320 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/8/2014 5:59:40 AM
  • PICKIE98
    Your monthly problems may be affecting your back.. Now it has been SO long with that TOm it has been MONTHS.. Have you been checked for fibroids?

    glad to hear your A/C is fixed.
    1321 days ago
    Being someone with back problems, I am tempted to have you mention it to your doctor. Or maybe try a chiropractor or a good massage therapist. There a quite a few exercises on SP that will help with your back. Plain old walking is a very good one. And, an Epson salts bath is wonderful.
    1321 days ago
    Yep, I guess there are some good things about being a renter!
    1322 days ago
  • SPERRIN2012
    Great work, carry on. emoticon
    1322 days ago
    emoticon I too am very happy I am a renter. They have in the past 12 years I lived here, replaced the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and refrigerator with new ones at no charge to me.

    One summer my AC broke down in August when the temps. where in the 100's. First they brought in a portable room air conditioner until they could fix my AC. At the time I was not the only apartment with a broken AC, because of the heat. But they took care of me in a reasonable way. I have learned to keep my apartment relatively clean just in case of the need for maintenance to come in.

    PLEASE talk to your Dr. at your next appointment about your back. I think she knows about how TOM is continuing to bother you. I think that the with TOM continuing and the pills for Tom that are not working the way they should you keep having the pain and discomfort almost every day. I would focus your appointment about your back:

    Tom is continuing despite the pills.
    Almost every day during the past month with TOM your back has hurt!
    You have muscle relaxers which help but after you hurt.
    You want your back not to hurt in the first place so you do not need the muscle relaxers.
    Also your Doctor should do test on your back like x-rays and/or different imaging tests to see if or what damage there is to the bones and/or nerves if any.

    My Mom had back problems when I was young. After proper care her pain and discomfort went away.

    Please take care of yourself emoticon , back health is very important and back pain is terrible to continue to live with, especially with the correct care it could be resolved!!!

    Your friend,
    1322 days ago
    That's great that you got the a/c fixed right away. PHEW
    1322 days ago
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