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Checking in with my goals

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Two weeks ago I listed some of my goals for my journey and I thought now would be a good time to see where I was at with them. (I also have the time to sit down and do it.) I'm adding a goal that has almost nothing to do with weight loss but makes me feel better so, in the long run, it may actually help.

MY GOALS (previously listed)
1. Drink at least 8+ cups of water per day consistently. emoticon
2. Eat a healthy breakfast every day. emoticon
3. Exercise for at least 20 minutes per day. WORK IN PROGRESS
4. Track all my food every day consistently.
5. Eating 4+ freggies every day. WORK IN PROGRESS
6. Eat out less by packing my lunch/snack/dinner on days that I work.
7. Plan meals and snacks a week in advance.
8. Weigh-in only once a week. (No more daily scale reads.)
9. Sleep 6-8 hours a night.

I'm adding 10. Start a bedtime routine.

I have made it to 50 days of 100 for my exercise goal and it is almost a habit now. If I can't fit in a walk, I do an exercise video. The reason it's not a habit yet is because I actually have trouble doing it on my days off. Imagine that, all the time in the day to do it but I don't until the last minute. emoticon I'm not a morning person so, exercising then is not an option. (I've tried and failed miserably many times.) I will come up with something before the 100 days is done then I'd like to keep the streak going as long as possible.

The freggies are giving me problems right now. I find that weird because I like them and they are so readily available at this time of the year. I think most of my problem is timing. When I run out, I typically don't have the money to replace them or the ability to go get more until 2 or 3 days after they're gone. I guess that means better planning and less finickiness when choosing them.

I have given myself until August 16th to be sure I can meet the exercise and freggie goals consistently before I really add new goals to become habits. That's giving me a chance to tweak my bedtime routine and not beat myself up if I don't hit it or other goals every day.

emoticon emoticon
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