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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Being married to someone with dementia, means sometimes, no matter how well you have pre-planned your meals for the day, you are going to need to take a detour.

For this reason, I always try to have at least ten of my weekly FLEX points (about 500 calories) in reserve "just in case".

Today we had gone out for our main meal, and as today is the day my points are either used up or forgotten about, and I get a fresh batch tomorrow, I ordered an eggbeater mexican omelet which is filled with chili and cheese along with assorted veggies. It was well worth the cost in points and getting the eggbeater version is 9 points less than the regular, and a lot less cholesterol.

This is a rare treat that I might have once a month when I am in the mood for it, and I ordered tomato slices and rye toast to go with it.

Then, a surprise visit from a friend who met us at the restaurant! We hadn't seen each other in 8 months, had only talked on the phone and texted. The first thing he said was "You have lost a LOT of weight". I thanked him for noticing and we discussed the plan I am following (the old WW plan he himself had encouraged me to join in 2003) and SparkPeople for motivation and support, caught up on workplace gossip and said we really need to connect sooner than 8 months.

As we were walking out he said I had inspired him to get back on the healthy eating path himself.

This afternoon, my light meal that I had planned on was going to be a banana and some fat free cottage cheese. At 3:30 PM DH announces he wants Pizza. He has not been "in the mood" for pizza for over 6 months and trying to change his mind was not going to happen.

The good news is, he only eats one slice. Even better, the corner convenience store sells wonderful, freshly baked, deep dish square pizza by the slice. We each had one, and the points came to 9 for that one slice. Add the banana and nix the cottage cheese because I still needed to get my five servings of freggies in for the day, and I ended perfectly on plan.

I didn't even need to touch the flex points left for the week.

I savored that slice, chewed slowly and thoroughly, appreciated the texture of the dough, the sweetness in the sauce, the cheesy goodness of real mozzarella. After finishing half of his DH was also satisfied and we picked the cheese off the second half slice to feed the cats a treat.

I am not over full. There is no leftover pizza to tempt me. I had just the right amount, and I'm happy.

I can well remember the days when Pizza meant buying a large pizza, eating it for two days and feeling overstuffed and bloated. I like the new method Oh so much more!

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