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Saturday, August 02, 2014

An old couple was spending the evening together at home. He got up and told his wife that he was going to the kitchen for a snack was there any thing she wanted.

"Yes, I'd like some of that vanilla ice cream we have in the freezer."
"Right, vanilla ice cream."
"You might want to writ e that down, your memory isn't all that good."
"For crying out loud, woman, it's only to the kitchen! I can remember that far."
"Well, I want some chocolate syrup on that too. Do you want to write that down?"
"Vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. I can remember that."
"Here's a pencil and paper because I also want nuts. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and nuts."
"I can remember that. Anything else?"
"I like those M&Ms too. Honey, you better write all that down."
"Vanilla Ice cream, chocolate syrup, nuts and M&Ms. Easy. Stop nagging me about my poor memory."

He went into the kitchen and came back several minutes later with two ham sandwiches.

He handed her one and she looked at it for a minute.
"I told you your memory was bad."
"You forgot the pickle!"

And something like that happened tonight at my house.

She(WMBO) turned off the TV and headed for bed. I was sitting at the table looking at StumbleUpon.com and I asked her to hand me the remote, "I want to watch the baseball game."

"Oh, sure." She said.

The next thing I knew she was blowing me a kiss and saying good night as she headed for the stairs.

"Did you forget something?"
"No, what?"
"The remote."
"What for?"
"You seem like a nice lady, who are you?" I asked.
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