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Thursday, July 31, 2014

I am really starting to feel my energy dwindle as time goes on. Doing songs in my dance class and barely being able to enjoy them. It will all return and energy will be mine again, I just didn't think my ass would handed to me so early. It's a better week of not eating out as much and exercising more consistently. This morning I didn't wake up for my dance class, but I am doing water aerobics instead tonight. I did go yesterday morning. Did I mention I have been having dreams about running? I have been eating sweets for days. I made a crumble for a potlock, so I had that sitting around after. Then I made zucchini bread from my garden. Yesterday I was like "Ok today it ends!" Someone brought a dozen donuts into work. I stood my ground and ate my snacks i brought! Almonds, yogurt and blueberries.

I had a fun phone call with my mom this week. She called to tell me that I should name the baby after my dad. Lots of people have been named after my grandfather and my dad deserves a name. This sent me flying off the handle. I understand where she's coming from. But we were trying to get pregnant longer then he has been dead. That seems a bit morbid to me and why do people (anyone, family, anyone) think they can tell u what to name your child? I doubt she would have been happy if she was told who to name my brother and I after. The convo ended in both of us crying and her her saying "I wish I was the one that died" and hung up on me. We made up finally. Now Scott and I are considering different names. Enrich might be a bit too weird. The only other name starting with an M (dad Marc) that we can agree on is Max. Which is also my great grandfathers name, whom my dad was named after. Naming a baby is hard, I never would have thought it would be this hard.
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    Oh. My. God. Thank you for a lesson on how NOT to act if either of my children ever have a child. I am so sorry your Mom ladled that oppressive, manipulative GUILT on you when you least need it. So uncool. You name YOUR baby with the name YOU and hubby choose!
    1299 days ago

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    I remember my sil sending a nasty email to me because we had Patrick picked out for our son's middle name. Because Dan's brother's middle name is Patrick. And she felt they were entitled to use the name first. We had 4 kids before they had their first, so you know what? You name your baby what YOU want.
    1302 days ago
    i think it's amazing that you are exercising as much as you are at this stage as the majority of pregnant women are not. It takes a real commitment . I felt like sleeping 24/7 when I was pregnant and didn't want to eat at all. I think water aerobics is probably a really geat choice for someone who is pregnant. I tend to think they baby would like it. I'm strange that way as I think it's important that you have a strong relationship with them in the wound. I think a baby in the wound would enjoy dancing too. I also tend to think that cravings have to do with things the baby needs.

    I feel for you regarding your mom. Naming a child is a huge undertaking. My hubby hated almost everything I came up with. It's hard enough for you and Scott to find and agree on his name. We did something a little different. Both of our dad's names are John. We didn't like the name John really and my dad doesn't really like his name and uses his initials. Ian is a Scottish derivative of John so it worked out okay for us. Ask your baby to visit you in a dream - maybe he will tell you what he wants his name to be.
    1302 days ago
    emoticon Congrats on the baby. Naming a baby is one of the hardest things i the world
    1302 days ago
  • ASHESS85
    It really is hard! We have pressure from my husband's family to name our future child Donald. My husband is the 3rd Donald....I think it's time to stop there lol. Only you can decide the name of the child you will have and raise! Glad you stood your ground. Hoping your energy returns soon!
    1302 days ago
    I agree with Coop. You have the God-given right to name your baby. After all, you are the one with the dreams of what your child will be like. And even now, the love that you have in your heart will continue to swell as the baby grows in your womb.

    It's not uncommon to think about and dream about baby for most of the time, and you will definitely change your mind many times about what to name your little one, and that's very normal.

    Your mother at this point is so excited and happy for you, but yet at the same time probably really sad that your dad is no longer around for this little one's arrival.

    But stand you ground when it comes to naming your baby. After all, she had her chance when naming her children.

    She will be so glad when this baby is born. Right now, there are a lot of sweet emotions, and excitement taking place for both of you.

    And things are not the same with bringing up baby as it was when I had mine 30 years ago. My daughter, who is a Doctor of Nursing Practice now tells me of how she is actually feeding her baby boy, 7 months old now, with nursing, and just giving him foods in his bumpee chair. Like a chunk of banana, a slice of avocado, a piece of strawberry or peaches. No baby food out of a jar. So things are done differently now.

    So your mom will probably have to get use to those things too. I pray that she will just enjoy the baby and let you be the mom. (Been there, done that!)

    I will be praying for you.
    1302 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Hope you're able to find the name that you want your child to have. Blessings.
    1302 days ago
    1302 days ago
    emoticon about the stress

    emoticon on the baby

    you do you and everyone else will come along for the ride
    1302 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1302 days ago
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