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Fall dust yourself off and get back up

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Failure is not the fact that you had a binge, fell off the wagon, didnít work out, and ate the wrong things. Failure is beating yourself silly in your own mind with mean words and lack of compassion for yourself.
Saying things like: I suck, I am worthless because I ate this bad stuff or I binged is bad. No matter where you are coming from it really is something you will believe and set yourself up for continuous failure. I know that when I have a bad day I have to tell myself to forget it and not beat myself over it, sometimes it happens the key is to get yourself back up sometimes this process is hard the longer you are off it.

Falling and not getting up or quitting on yourself is FAILURE Ė why do I say this well the fact that you wonít get up and try to take care of yourself is key that means you donít care for yourself, you donít love yourself. I have been there where I have not liked myself to not get back up for years but now no matter what no matter how hard I fall I pick up myself and get off. Why because I am worth it. I AM FíN AWESOME ROCKSTAR! I CHOSE TO vs. having to do this. No one has to hold your feet to the fire but yourself. Love yourself remind yourself daily what an FíN AWESOME ROCKSTAR you are!!!

So what do you do to get yourself back on track after being gone from it for more than 3 days?
Start small nothing big and overwhelming. Say today I choose to drink water vs. pop maybe that was what threw you off or exercising start with 10 mins I bet you when you finish ten mins you will feel good and add more mins afterwards. Healthy options start by substituting healthy over the higher calorie stuff, example-chicken sandwich fried and full of fat, how about a whole wheat bun, lettuce, light mayo with garlic powder or a little pesto tomato and a grilled chicken breast. That is a better than the fried version, same with fries back vs. frying.

Do your best forgive yourself and just keep trying, again reminding yourself on how AWESOME you are for embarking on this hard journey. Remember you are worth it!! I am worth itÖ SAY IT, WRITE IT and LIVE IT!

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