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Exercise how's and when's

Monday, July 28, 2014

Exercise is as basic a need as eating. I believe in a fitness lifestyle in which you achieve a balance between your eating habits and how and when you exercise. What and when you eat determines the best type and timing of exercise inorder to obtain the ideal weight loss effect. This is important if you are following a carb cycling and exercise lifestyle as I am. The balance between exercising and eating isn't as simple as exercising to burn more calories if you eat more calories. The human body is far more complicated than that and tends to produce hormones based upon perceived survival needs that affect weight gain/loss and the best type and time of exercise.

The type of exercise and duration also depends upon how much weight you need to lose and your fitness condition. If you are just beginning start off by walking 10-15 minutes then after a week gradually add short duration exercise movements of a different type (skips, hops, jogs, squats, pushups, etc.) to your program. Gradually add more strenuous routines and or increase the duration. Before any strenuous exercise always warm up by doing a less strenuous exercise and a stretching routine. Seek an exercise that you can learn to enjoy. Get ideas and motivation from Spark People.

Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise or diet routine. There are two basic types of exercise - Aerobic (with oxygen from blood) - such as cardiovascular exercise to keep your metabolism high, and Anaerobic (without oxygen from blood)- expending short bursts of energy such as splints or weight lifting to use internal energy stores. Cardio exercise used to be limited to continuous steady state movement, but now experts recommend high-intensity interval training HIIT that combines several short energy bursts, e.g. splints, within a shortened duration cardio routine that lasts from 12 to 30 minutes. HIIT training creates an increased metabolism level that lasts and keeps burning fat for days. All three exercise types have value that lasts up to 48 hours; no exercise type should be used exclusively, for the body adjusts to a constant exercise routine such that the exercise is no longer effective.

The key to enjoying any new exercise routine is to record measurements of your body and an evaluation of your fitness level inorder to monitor changes, but not to expect immediate results or to be able to do much at first. Some said that the first change the noted was an increased stamina. Some people have said that the only other change that they noticed at first was not a change in the weight but in a caliber test that measures the amount of body fat; that was enough to motivate them to continue exercising. Don't continuously try to do more than you are comfortable with, but do try out new movements and push your self from time to time. Get motivated by going to Spark People for ideas.
Expect setbacks; strive on. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. We are seeking a new lifestyle, life changes are never easy.

If you purchase a weight set or gym equipment, sign up at a local gym for a free trial period. The gym will usually have trainers who are eager to show you safe ways of using their weights and/or gym equipment. Also, it is a good idea to find an exercise pal to keep you motivated and safe. Spark People has plenty of exercise videos to help you with your routines, but YouTube.com shows them in more detail.

Always use enough repetitions until the muscle can not do another rep. Keep the amount of weight/resistance level low enough to do 15 plus repetitions to build muscles that are not bulky, otherwise choose a larger weight/resistance level and do 3 sets of repetitions with a break in between. Weight training is best done during low carb days. Keep your weight training under an hour because exceeding that releases muscle wasting hormones.

A) Under 25 pounds to lose: you could try either steady state cardio or HIIT training. HIIT training is best used first thing in the morning when glycogen levels are down (if you are diabetic first eat protein to keep sugar levels balanced). Try HIIT especially in the morning after a low carb day . Steady state cardio can be effective any time of day. It also is a good idea to add resistance training as it builds muscle (with or without adding bulk) and for every added pound of muscle your body burns 5 to 6 times more calories than for every pound of fat.
B)25 to 100 pounds to lose: Stay essentially with steady state Cardio routines to ensure the safety of sensitive joints and bones. Slowly add resistence training as it builds muscle (with or without adding bulk) and for every added pound of muscle your body burns 5 to 6 times more calories than for every pound of fat.
C)100 + pounds to lose: Stick with slow steady state cardio exercise routines to ensure the safety of joints and bones and break up the exercise into multiple sessions of 5 to 15 minutes a day to gradually build up stamina. Talk to your doctor about using resistance bands or small weight dumbbells to build muscle (with or without adding bulk) since for every added pound of muscle your body burns 5 to 6 times more calories than for every pound of fat.

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