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Watermelon #3 of 4, 5K Race Report

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Here's the results to date of the 3 Watermelon Sunrise 5Ks for my age group:

**** FEMALE AGE GROUP: 65 - 69 ****

Name Age Series Series#1 Series#2 Series#3 Series#4
====================== === ======== ================== =========== ========= ========= ========= =========
Arlene 65 1:23:58.88 28:21.36 27:57.03 27:40.49
Marsha 65 1:27:37.92 29:46.03 29:21.33 28:30.56
Nancy 65 1:34:22.83 31:20.88 31:08.18 31:53.77
Jeanne 65 1:54:51.21 38:47.67 40:45.37 35:18.17
Sue 67 2:14:27.74 46:20.95 44:08.08 43:58.71
Arethea 66 2:21:31.50 47:09.44 46:56.92 47:25.14
Danielle 69 2:50:16.95 56:59.18 53:07.96 :00:09.81

I'm still in second place, 3 minutes and 39 seconds behind first place, but 6 minutes and 45 seconds ahead of 3rd place. I've gotten faster each race, but so has my competition. A finishing gun time of 28:30:56 today!

It is just great to be a half-fast old lady. I love it!! Well, yes, at about mile 2 my self talk was that I was never going to do this again, but I didn't mean it. I did end up in an upright position, although this time I forgot to smile at the end. I wasn't puking and there were a lot of people who were -- more than the previous 2 races. Did I end wanting to do it again? Yep.

Last night I was disgusted to see I have a new corn on my left second toe, right below the one I took off earlier this year. Decided not to bandage it and that was a good decision. I got to the race venue about 5:50am, but was disappointed that there was no parking in the main area even at that time for a 7am race. I parked at the golf course and walk/jogged the .4 mile with my good buddy Fritz. The main reason I wanted to park close was to get some pre-race pictures and then leave my camera where I could get it right after the race so I could shoot some pix of my niece and nephew. Wasn't to be. Oh, well.

I used the extra time to do more warm up than I usually do. My back felt better, although I was dripping with sweat even before the race. My toe wasn't bothering me. I felt like I was good to go.

I lined up near the 8 minute per mile marker, knowing that I wouldn't be quite that fast, but knowing that since gun time is what counts for awards, every step closer to the start is a help. I started in the bike lane of the road, all the way to the right in order to run the shortest distance. I did not hear the air gun sound at all, but when everyone around me started running, I did, too. Some people cut to the path before they were suppose to, but I was concerned about getting disqualified, and waited until after I'd passed to the left of the finish chute that I'd be going through in less than 28 minutes) to cut over to the asphalt path.

All these summer races are hot and humid. Not sure what the actual was, but last night it was predicted to be 76 degrees, feels like 81, with 96% humidity. Cloud cover was predicted at 27%, but I don't think that materialized. I did not sunscreen today and especially after the race, wish I had.

I warmed up to old Beach Boys music, but ran with my 120-134 beats per minute more up to date music that I downloaded from Fitness Magazine. I'm doing good with my smart phone - I can call and text, receive calls and texts, FaceBook and SparkPeople, access the WWW, but I have not yet figured out how to download and playback music. I intend to learn, though. The outfit I had on today had a perfect pocket in the shirt for my MP3 player and the shorts had a great key pocket, but neither was big enough for my smart phone anyway. My daughter has ordered me and arm band, so when I get that I'll have more learning to do.

The scenery where we ran at Lake Hollingsworth is always beautiful and adds to the joy of the run. I didn't notice the birds as much as I do on a slower run, but the sky was just gorgeous over the water. I'm sure other people did get some pictures that I will post when I can. (Edit: only a couple on FB to share below.)

Volunteers passing out the race numbers the night before:

Watermelons being trucked in for the event:

Hey, I know these people and I finished faster than they did!

Thanks so much to everyone who has been rooting me on. Second place may not be the ultimate, but you know, it's pretty good. Yep, I love being a half-fast old lady!! (Now don't say that too fast, you know?)

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