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Hills and valleys

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Life is hills and valleys. reading my past blogs, it is oh-so-obvious that mine is like Mt.Everest and Death Valley!
I posted my blog early afternoon yesterday, but after being home an hour, I decided to call Prudential Life to see why the promised letter was not faxed or mailed to me. Last week the guy assured me that it would be faxed within 24-48 hrs. Tick-tock,, nothing as of yesterday afternoon..
I talked to a very nice lady, explaining that if I did not receive the letter immediately, I would again, for the fifth time, be rejected for health insurance,, taking another two months to re-apply and go through all of the motions again.
It seems that if that pension income was part of a Quid pro quo, it takes MUCH longer, she says and that the guy was not aware that it was part of a settlement..I told her, yes, it was the first thing I told him.
I hang up, five minutes later , phone rings, VERY nice man states he is the office manager of Prudential Life Insurance in Pennsylvania(Only two offices, other is in Utah).

He goes on to say that he is sorry that his staff erred and he will personally fax this letter,which he wrote and I can then fax it to whomever!
I picked my jaw up off the keyboard and thanked him..

Two minutes later I am reading the fax, calling the new insurance worker in Lansing, left a message.Told her/him I was going to mail and fax everything to him again..
I hang up, set phone in charger and it rings.
Turns out, it is a man and very young, very nice, asked me how my day was going,etc.. SO not like the last three brainiacs that left me hanging...
he tells me to fax the letter only, that of course the other income verification was done online here and of course it was right in front of him, no problem!!

I faxed the letter to him and really tried to restrain myself from asking this guy to marry me , TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
He said he saw no other problems, my paperwork was perfect, he would do the case right then, and I should be receiving a mail from him in a couple days. WTH?????

I actually asked him if he was truly a worker for the same place as the others, or did I have a wrong number? He laughed.. I know he had the whole history of my previous denials for the past almost seven months...

This blog only gets better..
When I finally hung up with no proposal to this guy(I would love to share his name, but it is very distinct,even his first name...), I actually stopped to read the letter from Prudential.

It was really written by the office manager, But I look down and read a line that tells me that upon my ex hubby's death, my pension amount will D*O*U*B*L*E!!!!
Not that I wish him gone in a hurry, but if SS does not penalize me(which I doubt since my income is 25% below poverty level ..) when I retire, I can add that to my SS amount..
Finally, after all of that gar-baj, good news..
Yet another reason I strive every day to live what is below: We may not always get what we want, but we will always get what we NEED! On HIS timetable, not mine...
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