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It's Thursday, I Think

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The past week has been a blur. Pain Med and Muscle Relaxer are to blame. They knock me out so all I do is sleep. At least I am pain fvree right? Physical Therapy begins tomorrow morning. Oh boy! Hopefully it will help and I can wen myself off this little devil soon.

Got to see the grandson on Tuesday for a bit but not so much far since I just watched him and DH have fun. I couldn't participate. What a drag! The grandson came by again yesterday but our daughter sent him off with Dan ( her live in boyfriend) instead of leaving him here because DH thought it was a good idea at the time to yell at his grandson sand call him a liar in front of his mom. Well, that went over well. emoticon

I swear I don't know what has gotten into my husband but he is so mean to everyone lately not just his usual target ME. Now even to our grandson. DH was angry that our grandson had told his mom that he almost got hit by a car the day before when his Pepa (DH) took him bike riding. So he yelled at him that what he had told his mom was untrue and that he was a liar. He made our grandson cry. I was sitting in the rocker on the front porch when this incident occurred and what my grandson said was fact but DH wouldn't accept responsibility for it. The incident obviously scared our grandson enough to where he felt he needed to tell his mom about it. So he did. DH on the other hand has a lot of faults,will not listen to anyone and makes mistakes. This rubs everyone that is ever around him including his own family the wrong way. In turn DH won't accept his part in anything he says or does. It is always someone else fault why things happen, never his. This is one of his major faults. Anyway all this did was drive a bigger void between us and now it is affecting our grandson. Its times like this I wish I could leave but I feel trapped (financially and medically). Living with DH is very nearly undoable. I am feeling very stressed out and emotionally wrung out at the moment. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
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