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Weak....I'm SO Weak!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I came into work this morning and there it set on my desk, mocking me. A gallon Ziploc baggie full of homemade Puff caramel corn. I could feel my willpower wilting under the glare of those golden, caramely puffed kernels. I knew who was responsible for this heinous act..my boss's wife, my friend Kellie. Oh I'm sure she didn't mean to hack my good intentions for today to pieces. So I went to my boss's office and told him to tell her thank you. Then came back to my desk and ate a third of it. Then I tossed it in a drawer, out of sight, out of mind right? Yeah..that SO worked! right up where I come back to my desk from my workout and there it was, in the open drawer. Mocking me. Tempting me. And I'm so weak...I gave in. Now that whole bag is gone! I'm SO WEAK! If there is a up side to this tragedy..it's that I did log it . But still..the WHOLE FRICKIN' BAG??? Oh Myyyyyyyyy. emoticon

I had a text conversation with my son this morning. It's his second day of going back to school and he's having an anxiety attack. He wants to quit. He says he can't handle it. I think he needs to stick with for a bit longer. I mean he really hasn't given it a fair chance, he's only had one day of school and that was only two classes. We went back and forth and finally I told him that if he did drop out he would need to get a job, but he knows this already. He'll still have to pay back his grants but I'm not sure what happens to that money (it paid for his classes) if he quits this soon. Does he get that money back? In the end I told him I love him and I would support him whatever he decides to do. He is after all...an adult. I was so happy to see him go back though. I don't know what he decide to do. emoticon

Hubby is seeing a podiatrist today. I hope they can help with his feet. This janitorial job is killing him as far as his feet and legs go. And still no word on when he gets his old job back, They did have an "all hands" meeting where the head cheese said that everything was rosie..that they found extra money (so no layoff was needed it seems). We won't know for a week or more what was decide at the last meeting between the district, the union , and lawyers involved. emoticon

So I'm still writing. I have chapter one done and I'm now working on getting my charterers sorted out. I worked on my villain's profile last night. I think he's a power hungry ass that will stop at nothing to get what he wants. But that's just my first impression of him. Oh but I have some surprise in store for him. emoticon I have sent that first chapter to my BFF and my daughter. My BFF will give honest feed back, which I value so much! (thank you again Calen!). Karry will read it and tell me she loves it. But then she kind of has too...she won't want to hurt mom's feeling. emoticon Tonight I work on some of the minor charters profiles. emoticon

Of course that's after the season opener of Who Do You Thin You Are. My other hobby (well one of them..I also make digital scrapbook kits that you can download and use) is tracing each of my families history. I have some that go back to the 1500s. it's fun, but I only do it in short spurts, because it's not as easy as it sounds. Esp hubby's Hawaiian side. Although I have traced one Hawaiian side back the first king of Hawaii (King Kamehameha I) and an Lord on his dad's side (Irish lord that ended up in Canada with a native wife which produce a NA Chief). My mom insists that we have a relationship to the Younger brothers (of Jesse James fame) on one side of my tree..but I can't find the link. I did find a link to Young family..just not Younger. So short stints at are best for me..otherwise I get frustrated. emoticon

I did my workout today, 65 mins on the treadmill (305 calories burned). But see above for eating today so far. emoticon I'm not OVER calories yet..but I'll need to be careful at dinner..I'll skip the ice cream tonight too. emoticon

OK...Hump Day is almost over (at least the working part is). So I'm going to slide out of here! Have a great one everyone!

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    If Kellie is your friend, she wants the best for you. Tell her that you love her for thinking of you, tell her the popcorn was yummy, but tell her that a snack sized baggie would be a nice treat. You aren' t weak. The gift was literally too much. emoticon
    1311 days ago
    Oh! Thank you for reminding me that WDYTUA starts tonight. I nearly forgot! So now forget about that bag of whatever it was, pick yourself up and don't miss a beat! Hugs, Calen~
    1311 days ago
    You are not weak - you are human. Caramel anything is my downfall - along with many other things! Good side of it? It is gone and won't tempt you anymore!

    Sounds like you had a busy day! Hope everything works out and that character in your book - I think I know one of them in real life - actually maybe more than one of them!

    Write on!!!

    1311 days ago
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