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Kickboxing My Psyche

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When I last checked in at the beginning of July I was totally planning on blogging at least every few days. But I’ve just been so darn busy working out I haven’t had a chance! Hehe

So here I am 3 weeks later. The hope that some of the gain was water weight was in fact true. I lost I think 4 lbs in the first week of starting to track and drink water regularly – water weight! But the rest has not melted off so much. So my total gain was 11 lbs. However, instead of concentrating on a number I have decided to make my focus on enhancing my strength. I think knowing my body is strong and healthy is so much more important to me than a number on a scale. I know that by concentrating on my strength and health that the number will drop too over time but I’m not going to fixate on a goal number. Especially with the amount of strength training I’ve been doing, I’m quite sure that SOME of my fat loss is being turned into muscle gain and so the actual number in the end doesn’t move much.

In addition to doing the trainer-designed workouts that I started in June, a friend of mine introduced me to 30 Minute Hit or ‘The Hit’ as it’s apparently affectionately known. The Hit is a 30 minute kickboxing based circuit. So it’s kinda like Curves in that you move from station to station only it’s much more hardcore. Each station is 2 minutes. There’s an audible timer (over the rockin music) every 15 seconds so you know when to switch from single to ‘double time’ – you do singles, then double, then switch (if you’re doing leg work, you have to switch back and forth). So you start out skipping rope (or doing stepups) to get your heart rate up, then you do straight punches into a bag, then straight kicks, then crunches, then left and right hook punches, then round-house kicks, then some more crunches, then upper cuts, knee-ups (as if you were kneeing a guy), then glute work on a bosu or exercise ball, and a couple of legwork ones. Then at the end, you get to take on Bob. He’s a big tall rubber dummy and for 2 minutes you get to hit and kick the sh*t out of him. It’s amazingly cathartic. So after 30 minutes you’ve had a great workout, are sweating like a pig and you get to take out your day’s frustrations with a pair of boxing gloves.

At first, I was really hesitant about going because all I saw were skinny ladies in skimpy workout outfits coming out. But my friend, who is a regular attendee, is not tiny and I figured if she felt comfortable in the atmosphere then I would give it a try. And I’m glad I did. They’re all very friendly and supportive in there and contrary to my first assumption, I’ve seen women of varying sizes and fitness levels attending. It’s a completely new exercise for me, but it’s quickly helping me build my strength. So The Hit along with the trainer workouts have been my main focus for the past 3 weeks. I do the trainer workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays and go to The Hit on Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes Saturdays (yes! Both workouts in the same day!). Sundays I like to do something cardio based – walks, hikes, swimming, biking or just elliptical and Fridays are my rest days.

So although I haven’t really lost much weight in the past 3 weeks, I’m not getting too bent out of shape about it because I know for sure that I’m working hard and I’m definitely building muscle. I’m already feeling stronger. And I’ve noticed changes in other ways – there’s a slightly more obvious cut to my waist and my posture is improving, I’m able to walk standing tall much more often than my normal slouch (I notice how much I slouch when I walk past store windows, lol). With a stronger core and shoulders, I’m able to walk tall and keep my shoulders back (and my chest out loud and proud! Haha)

Now foodwise, I haven’t been too bad. I’ve been staying in my range most days – I’m averaging about 2 days over. I’ve kept the binge monster at bay for the most part (except last Friday when I went to a movie and got overwhelmed by the smell of popcorn and just HAD to have it. With butter. Because really…what would be the point without it amiright?)

And finally mentally – well I’ve had some ups and downs. More ups this month than otherwise. I’m trying to really focus on the positive, on good thoughts, good vibes, letting go of old and welcoming new. It’s not always easy but it’s a hell of a lot healthier for my psyche. And although my group therapy sessions have ended, there's a few of us that have committed to meeting over coffee every few weeks to check in on each other and that has been very helpful too.

I just wish more of my missing Sparkfriends would re-appear - I really miss them!! I'm talking to you Lola. Specifically. Yeah - I totally just called you out. Whatcha gonna do 'bout it?! Huh? ;)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    THERE'S the fighter I knew you were! The Hit sounds AWESOME! I'm too old and out of shape for that type of exercise (plus I am babying a knee injury and rotator cuff problem right now), BUT it sounds like it is fun and effective. Plus, you can beat the crap out of Bob and make him anyone or anything that is aggravating you. That sounds like great therapy! I am so happy you are back in your groove! emoticon emoticon - Connie
    1324 days ago
  • SPARKLE883
    That sounds like fun! My sister took up kickboxing (traditional, not The Hit) and loves it. Glad you took the chance and found something you like!
    1333 days ago
  • LISA579
    You seem to have the right idea. I suffer from water retention in the summer so just keep doing the right thing and it will show on the scale
    1334 days ago
    You sound like you are on fire! It does feel good to feel stronger huh? Atta girl! Kick the $hit outta Bob!
    1334 days ago
    Wow - I wish I had a Hit class close by - that does sound incredible. And yes, I'm sure you've totally built up some muscle mass with all of those workouts :) Good for you. Personally, I think the scale is more detrimental to our mind sets than anything else... wish I could stay off mine!

    Keep up the great work & again, congrats on the strength training. I agree, it's tough when our Spark friends disappear. But, I had one leave due to a major injury and she just came back & it was so good to see her again... so maybe Lola will surprise you!

    Have a great day!
    1334 days ago
  • _BABE_
    1335 days ago
  • TREP13
    The Hit sounds awesome!!! I would love to find something like that around where I live. Since moving from NYC to San Diego, I haven't been very physically active. I joined a gym briefly but I didn't like it. I need to branch out and find something to get my butt moving. You are motivating me with that description of your kickboxing workout. Great job! You are kicking a$$ (literally)!
    1335 days ago
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