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overwhelmed (an a-ha moment)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

last weekend was supposed to be wonderful. it was the first weekend in i don't even know how long i didn't have anything planned. so i planned on getting caught up on housework. you name, it needs to be cleaned. i wanted to get a book shelf out of dd's room and into ours and put more toys in her room and less in the livingroom (we have a small house). pretty easy. i can clean the house in a day and still get food prep done in a weekend. well, i used to be able to, that is.

since dd was born i have not been able to keep up on housework. i get what needs to get done. laundry, bathrooms, etc. but the not-so-important things get shoved to the back burner and basically forgotten about. there's a lot of clutter now. every once in a while i go through a pile and sort it. but it never goes away, it shrinks and grows. it's a constant source of my stress. one of many. i was going to do something about it over the weekend.

saturday dh had a golf tournament in the morning. i was going to do her room while he was away and before naptime. she was a grump. she couldn't play by herself and be entertained by anything but me. well, scratch the room idea. by the time dh got home and her nap was over all motivation was gone. there's always tomorrow...

sunday i tackled her room early. i got laundry going, i was going to get this done! she "helped me" put things away and sort through her closet. we got quite a bit done. then i looked at one pile of stuff and thought, i'm tired, i can't do this anymore.

this was a scary thought. what the heck is wrong with me? a million diseases and illnesses ran through my mind, of course. i just figured, i don't have the energy. i'm a lazy slob who can't keep her house work up. better than a scary disease, right?

monday i was working on bills. what i was going to pay and how. then it hit me. i'm overwhelmed. i'm so stressed and there is so much that needs to be done that i just can't handle it anymore. even the smallest tasks seem huge. i give up when the idea of doing something becomes too much.

is this the answer to my working out issues? does the idea of getting up at 4, putting on workout clothes, putting a dvd in the player and then actually doing the activity make me want to burrow under the covers? sometimes my meal plan seems too much when i have to take it from paper to reality. my lack of motivation is starting to become clear.

it seems if something isn't part of my daily routine (shower) and may take me a bit longer (shaving my legs) i just don't want to do it.

so how do i fix it? well, not much i can do about money right now. just keep chipping away at the pile of debt. but i can get my house cleaned and get it to a manageable state once again.

yesterday i went home and cleaned one counter of the kitchen. i cleaned the area where clutter gathers but also where i do all my prep work. i threw away receipts i no longer need, grocery lists that were of no use any longer, piled up recipes and moved them to another location to be filed. i scrubbed the counter and cleaned the fruit bowl. it's all nice and sparkly now. tonight i'll clean the other kitchen counters. it may take me weeks to clean the house at this rate, but i feel this is more doable and less all consuming. i usually make a list of everything i need to do cause i love crossing things off as i do them. but right now it's just too much.

i really hope this recent discovery takes a load off and helps me get on track with my fitness and keeps me going with my healthy cooking. too often picking up pizza seems so much easier than making dinner.
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    I so know how you feel! I'm there also! Good for you for picking just one thing to do at a time! I'm using a timer for when I'm on the computer (or else I'll be here all day). I set the timer for 30 minutes, then when it goes off I make myself get up and do something else. It works really well WHEN I DO IT!!!

    We'll get there!!

    1307 days ago
    I find when I am overwhelmed that breaking everything done into small, manageable pieces works.

    So start with one thing - like scheduling to do 30 min of homework at a certain time of day. Or 15 min of housework. etc

    Sometimes I find it is just getting started that is hard, and once I am going on a task, I might even do it longer than 15 or 30 min.

    1307 days ago
  • KITT52
    1308 days ago
  • FUNZ81
    I think you are on the right track. At least it worked for me when I had young children. I would say, "Okay, What spot is bothering me the most?" That is what I would focus on. I must say I never "caught up" in those days, but kept things going during those hectic years. I always felt time spent with my children was more important than a spotless house. I have never regretted that decision. Also know that things ease up somewhat when your children reach school age. Hang in there, You are doing great! emoticon
    1308 days ago
    It is hard when you are overwhelmed to find the energy or focus to take those first steps. Great job realizing where you are at, and learning to take baby steps and worry about one small thing at a time. Much more manageable that way and not nearly so overwhelming! emoticon emoticon
    1308 days ago
    emoticon I think you've finally worked out a plan that works for you!! do one thing and finish it without looking at everything else that needs to be done. I think you've got a do-able plan for yourself. Just watch the success accumulate instead of the clutter! emoticon emoticon
    1308 days ago
    One step at a time. I know how you feel but you can chip away at this and get to a point where you can manage.

    1308 days ago
    I'm a mom to 3 teens and a full-time teacher, so life can get really hectic and stressful around here. I started doing my house cleaning & chores one spot at a time. I've tried doing it in 15 minute chunks, too, and that worked pretty well. Mainly I just choose the spot that's stressing me the most and clean that one spot. It doesn't seem like much, but it really makes a difference having that one nice, clean spot to look at. Some spots get overlooked for a long time, but I've learned to let some things go. :)

    Good job discovering that you're overwhelmed. I hope you can take a step back and figure out other ways to feel less overwhelmed. It's a good feeling to figure it out.
    1308 days ago
  • GGARZA2013
    I used to feel that way when I started my program. I didn't even want to log my food because it took time. Then, one day, I got very sick. It scared me enough to want to put more effort into my journey. Now, what use to be too hard or too much is nothing. I feel that I constantly have to challenge myself. I love it! It took time and dedication and a strong support group, but I got it done. I still have days, weeks even, when I fall back to my old ways but I don't give up. I think you can do anything you put your mind to, as long as you think it's worth it. Your health is worth it.

    Good luck on your journey. emoticon emoticon
    1308 days ago
    Isn't it nice to look at that pretty, clean counter?! Now, maybe a short 10 minute walk with dd. Start small. Hugs, Laurel
    1308 days ago
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