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Scale Again ($#%%&) and Running Again : )

Monday, July 21, 2014

MAINTENANCE - Changing attitude about the scale:
I am up one pound from yesterday. Still solidly in my goal weight range. I ate excellently yesterday. It is a fluctuation. It is okay. Everybody knows this; even me. But I still have to remind myself. I am committed to using the scale regularly as a tool and to benefit from the feedback it gives me. I am changing my attitude. Changing attitude takes some work. I'll get there.

Part of me thinks it is absolutely ridiculous to be having this inner dialog, and even sillier putting it out there. Isn't it obvious how I should think? But I suspect there are people besides me struggling with this simple truth: weight fluctuates. The scale gives you incomplete data, sometimes confusing, especially in the short run. In the long run, the trends scales measure are extremely valuable as a weight management tool.

Going to run the high school track this evening with a group of fast runners and a knowledgeable volunteer coach. I'm expecting one or more of my Saturday Galloway runners to join me, so there will be at least one other person running about my pace. If there is lightning or the speed intervals total less than 2.25 miles, I'll go to the Y to complete the workout.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy day!!
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  • _LINDA
    Just remind yourself. The scale is a tool. Its just another method of tracking over time to ensure there is no noticeable upward trend in weight. Consider it just an early warning tool. It will alert you to anything needing attention, but it isn't accurate because our bodies aren't accurate and fluctuate at all times of the day. The scale has no power over me as it will behave over time if I am behaving over time. Its just one of many tools to measure how well you are doing.
    I hope your running works out the way you want it to!
    1334 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    Ah, it is still consuming you isn't it. You need to make friends with Mr. Scale and tell him to be friendly!!
    1334 days ago
    I had to have a change in "scaling" at my house too. I used to get on every day, but found I was getting soooooooooooooooooooooooo anxious that I made the decision to only get on once a week. Of course, any change is that's hard too.

    Onward we go doing what works for us as we fine-tune what works for us!!!

    1334 days ago
    Gee, I could have written this. I too am struggling a bit with my mind and the scale. I keep telling myself that I am only using it as a tool to keep myself in check. Especially now that I am feeling healthy and my appetite is huge! I am still eating a clean diet but I could eat all day. The good news is that I crave good food.
    We can do this. Let's not let the almighty scale rule us!
    1334 days ago
    I have a similar inner dialogue so of course I don't think yours is ridiculous! I am impressed by how self aware you are too. I know that you will continue to be successful!
    1334 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I am right there with you, Marsha! I don't believe on this earth I will EVER be friends with any scale....but that's okay I guess....I just won't pal around with it very often!

    You are doing emoticon
    1334 days ago
    In her book Friends with the Scale, Linda Spangle recommends looking at the five day average or ten day average of your weight if you are a daily weigher. This might be helpful to you if you have excel, or if not I guess you would just add the last ten days together and then divide by ten to get your average.

    I have similar scale anxiety sometimes, and then have to look and see that I have been on plan, it's just my body reacting to the universe at large.

    WOO HOO on the running!
    1334 days ago
    Happy running and keep a positive attitude!
    1335 days ago
    Thanks for this blog.
    I think one harmful sentence that people sometimes cling to is, "The scale doesn't lie." It actually does lie. Well, it sometimes gives is information about things we have no information about or control over, anyway. Call it "misleading". :P
    I, too, go by the long term numbers rather than week-to-week. It is really other people's comments/opinions that creep into my mind when I start worrying about short term ups and downs on the scale.
    1335 days ago
    I find even when I am TRYING to gain, seeing a gain can be disconcerting... so many years we desired LOSING! But it is just ONE positional indicator, and trends are more telling than a single reading. We know this, but it takes time to get to the "it's OK" being automatic.

    Attitudes may change slowly, but they *do* change!
    1335 days ago
    1335 days ago
    I like to weigh in. I am so curious about the fluctuations which I usually expect and recognize. Sometimes I recognize them for what they are. Sometimes I feel panicky because I just don't get why. So now I weigh in each day and I track it on That gives me a little more perspective because I can look at the trends over time. I see that my weight usually trends in a very tight range. And that makes me very happy! I also find that I weigh more on Friday and I weigh less on Monday...go figure!
    1335 days ago
    At first glance I thought: OMG if Slenderalla is struggling with the scale there is no hope for me. But reading this blog is hopeful. It is a reminder and reinforcement that I needed about exactly how a scale is useful and that my thought processes are not so far from the norm. After a lifetime of food/weight struggles the inner dialogues are not going to be roses and puppies!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And for pointing the way forward.

    1335 days ago
    I have been fluctuating lately(although more in the creep upward trend), but I attribute it to crappy eating. Have been as much as 7 lbs above my low weight the middle of last month. It is frustrating. For me, the hardest part is trying to figure out WHY I am indulging in emotional eating.

    I read somewhere once that women can fluctuate by 5 lbs in a DAY. So, keep using that scale as a mere tool, one measure in your toolbox to tell you where you are at RIGHT NOW. emoticon
    1335 days ago
    Simple truths are not simple to live by. I have thought to myself, how many times can I blog about having to accept that I am losing weight very slowly. We all do share that struggle and it does help to put it out there!
    1335 days ago
    Yes! Even when I brace myself before stepping on the scale and remind myself that I may be retaining fluid precisely because I increased my exercise the previous day (a good thing!) and that I didn't over eat the previous day, the inner critic still wants to be disappointed if there is a .5 higher number on the readout. Yes, I know to tell it to shut up and I know to start telling myself a lot of affirmative things about my healthy lifestyle.

    Still, you would think I wouldn't have to go through this conversation with myself at this point. But we all do!

    I guess if that's the biggest issue I have to deal with today, I should just be grateful and move on!
    1335 days ago
    1335 days ago
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