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Time to Smell the Roses

Sunday, July 20, 2014

While literally "smelling the roses" is nice, I'm thinking more along the lines of taking a few precious moments of time and spending them on that person who seldom gets any special attention. Who? Why YOU, of course, Sweetie! YOU are that person who is always last in line. You shop for the food, you cook the meal, you clean up afterward, and when everyone else has gone to bed, it is you who packs lunches for the next day, or straightens up the house so it is ready for the next day.

Today is the day when you can go and get your hair cut, maybe have your nails done, then go shopping for a new blouse -- or off to get a pair of pants that actually fit. Yes, I noticed how those pants you have on are hanging down from your waist because they are too big! It's time to indulge yourself. Take that nap, have lunch with a friend, or do whatever it is that YOU have not found the time to do.

If you were the boss of a big company you would never expect your employees to work seven days in a row, would you? There is a good reason why companies have a policy of working 40 hours a week. First of course is to avoid the overtime pay. lol But really, without time off for rest and relaxation, productivity would go down the drain, morale would be at a low; and why work to make more money if you have no time off to enjoy the rewards of your labor?

It works the same way with life. Even God in all his creativity took the seventh day to rest. Even if your "day of rest" is filled with hiking or other exercise-filled hours, it is something you "want" to do. So enjoy, relax, have some fun, do something nice for yourself.
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