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Great Ride and Great Memories

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Today's ride paled in many ways to the wonderful ride back in October 2011, but there were enough parallels to bring back the memories and yet to enjoy the people with whom I was riding today.

Here is the route for today's ride:


30-some miles, fairly flat, easy-peasy...but a great ride for me to pump it up and feed my need for speed and satisfy that cravin' for pavin' and yearnin' for burnin'! :-)

HERE is the most daunting ride which I had the great pleasure of sharing with 4-A-HEALTHY-BMI back in the fall of 2011:


Double the distance with MONSTER climbs! I was in no way ready for such a ride today, jumping into the bike season only a few weeks ago. We had done that ride in OCTOBER: end of the season when we're all pumped and primed...and STILL had our socks knocked off...lol!

I miss having the pleasure of 4-A-HEALTHY-BMI's company since her relocation out of state earlier this year, but it was so enjoyable to re-visit our experiences together during today's ride as there were a number of the same roads, same delicious restaurant for lunch stop.

It was fun to re-visit also my blog and hers about the day, complete with pics and all!



Missing you 'round these parts, 4-A-HEALTHY-BMI, but thank goodness for these memories! :-)

It had been sort of overcast earlier in the ride so on my inner radio I dialed up an oldie from Donovan to see if I could coax the sun to come out and play:


And it WORKED! When the sun came out to brighten up the day I changed the channel to this Earth, Wind & Fire song to pump it up:


We had the pleasure of greeting some new members to the bike club today, which was very nice to see!

In searching for these songs tonight I've wandered down the rabbit-hole that YouTube can be for me occassionally and found a couple more gems I thought I'd share with you all if you care.

Most of you know how vitally important Jackson Browne's song "Alive In The World" is to me. This is my theme song to which I do my best to live up to!

Well I found a YouTube that honored the song with beautiful nature scenes that just add so much to my appreciation of the lyrics!


And although there are no lyrics to this next tune, it's title and the music evokes a similar strength and declarative vitality to occupy this world as fully and completely as possible!

Jan Garbarek Group - Mission: To Be Where I Am


Here are a couple more links to Jan Garbarek's music. His band is simply magical and the rapport between he and bass player extraordinaire Eberhard Weber is always so emotive and satisfying!

This one features lovely artwork which conjures up Garbarek's Nordic roots:


And here is an entire live concert...! To see the alchemists at work in conjuring such musical journeys...!


Way past a reasonable bedtime...! But it's been fun meandering through memories and music...

Thank you all for wandering through them with me! :-)

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