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Fight it out

Saturday, July 19, 2014

" I have always adhered to two principles . The first one is to train hard and to get in the best possible physical condition. The second is to forget all about the other fellow until you face him in the ring and the bell sounds for the fight ." Rocky Marciano

There are over a million people on this site. Amazing isn't it. We all have different strengths and limitations . We are all different yet the same . We are after the same results to get healthier and happier. Our mini goals may be different , some want to lose a lot of weight others maintain .Some of us are ultra healthy eaters and some of us are struggling to keep it together . Some of us are heavy exercisers and some of hardly move at all due to physical conditions or restrictions .

What we should all be doing is trying to get in the best possible shape for us. Whether you have an injury , are bound to a wheelchair , or have a disease you still should look to your strengths to get you to the best shape you can possible be. Some of us have to try much harder than others to get there . Some of us have a ton of stresses and heart ache in our lives that make it hard to even get out of bed each morning. But get up and move we must.

What we should never be doing is comparing ourselves to others. What works for some does not work for all. I know it is discouraging when you have a friend who breathes and losses weight and you try your hardest and are making little headway. But the truth is there can be very unhealthy slim people and some heavier people can be very healthy. So ignore others and fight your own fight.

Another thing you should never be doing is labeling yourself and giving yourself limitations based on a label. Yes always listen to your doctors advice and limitations he or she gives you but never place any on yourself.
At first when I got my new pacemaker that was my label , and I only thought of all I couldn't do, what I couldn't try who I couldn't be. I was making myself miserable. When I went to my new doctor he said wow sorry this happened to you when you are so young but there is still a whole world of possibilities for you. That statement hit me like a ton of bricks .

We have a ton of possibilities to explore. We should never let labels and limitations get in the way. I now can say I am more physically active than before my pacemaker , yes I modify but everyone should . I am stronger , healthier and happier . Because I fought to be that way . I didn't let my pacemaker let the fight and light go out on me. So don't let that happen to you either .

If you are going to be in a fight . be in a fight for your health, and happiness. Don't fight with others or yourself. Fight to be strong , independent and healthy. Try to forget as much as you can about your disease , or condition or limitations. Fight for the little things because the can become huge. Fight to be healthy and active,. Fight to eat good and healthy . Maybe you can improve your condition , or disease , maybe all you improve is your outlook .

Right now I am in training to be the best fighter I can be for me, Are you with me. ? A better healthier you is just around the corner . See you in the ring , where they will lift your hand for victory. Hugs , happiness and healthy living.
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