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Thursday, July 17, 2014

So I have been back on the straight for 3 days now. I did not wake up for any dance classes this week. I have been eating much better tho. I have not eaten anything out since Sunday night. I donno what my weight would have been at home as opposed to the doctor. But I am weighing in at 194.6 right now. Not 201 like the nurse told me, thank god. Yesterday I went to a dance class after work which was not a great idea. But you know I had to try. My ankles get really aggrivated after standing on them 7-8 yrs. Then try adding a dance class after that. I had some pretty scary spider veins popping out at me growling. So I need to kick my ass into going in the AM and not after. Because after equals misery. I am gonna kick up the notch on water aerobics cuz if dancing is too much after standing all day. Water aerobics is fine. Takes the pressure off my feet and makes me feel better. Sometimes I just hate how late at night it is. Especially since once I get home it's 7:30 and I only get to see Scott for 90 minutes or so for the whole day.

We finally got the room painted over the weekend. I started painting it and then Scott made like I was awful for attempting to hurt the baby. Everything I do now is "Did you check with your doctor?" "Should you be on step stools?" I am living in one of those Pro Life ads that says your not the mother, your just a vessel carrying a baby. Who cares about you, we care about the baby. Yes I care about the baby too and I take precautions. Speaking of which the hospitals here just banned water births. Great timing! I was actually less worried about my labor because of the water birth and now that seems to be taken away. I read that women drive from Champaign and Peoria both 50 miles away laboring to use the tubs here in town at the hospitals. Everyone I have talked to that had a birth in a hospital bed and then tried a water birth said it was much more gentle going without painkillers was much easier. I would like to be present for my sons birth. I think Scott was kinda relieved when this ban went up. Why are ppl afraid of anything different? Mind your own business. Here is the article, they said you can labor in the tub but once u have to push, you are asked to get out. Why do I have a feeling the tubs will just be gone by the time I need it.

There is a protest for it in front of the hospital in a few weeks. I better go, it's important to me.
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    I love the color! It looks like lime sherbet. :)

    I had regular births in a hospital with all of my kids, no water. That kind of stuff wasn't really available back then! But the only thing I can tell you for sure is that my labor/delivery was much easier for the kids that I stayed active during pregnancy. I felt the worst with Anna and I was at my heaviest with her, and I didn't even walk. I also had PPD after her. I wouldn't worry too much about the type of birth you have, but more on the preparation that you are doing daily, right now. You are doing a fabulous job with your activity! That is going to make a huge difference in your delivery. :)
    1335 days ago
    I'm not sure if you read Back to Her Roots blog(a fellow ex sparker), but she just wrote a beautiful story about the birth of her baby girl, and how important it is to have a birth plan, but be flexible.


    Good luck! :)
    1335 days ago
  • FUEL82
    The room looks awesome! Great job on the exercise. You are gonna be so fit for your labor that baby will probably pop out with a few pushes and you won't miss the tub. Cdale has tubs but you can't have the baby in them. They are for laboring. I liked it but the jets didn't work right so it didn't hit my back where I needed it. Plus it was a pain being hooked up to all kinds of cords to get in. Now that I know what the pain feels like I am going to stay home longer if there is a next time. Labor at the hospital was so uncomfortable and just led to an awful progression that I think I could have avoided.

    On the doctor weigh-in I was so worried about it I weighed myself in my outfit before I left the house to find the least heavy outfit, lol. I basically wore a skirt, and a floaty blouse. I always took off my shoes. I am sure they thought I was a freak. The least the scale went up was 3 lbs. It's amazing how much clothing weighs. Don't worry too much. You're exercising and eating well! :-)
    1336 days ago
    LOL. When (today I'm being positive) I get/stay pregnant I'm not going to tell Zvika I'm pregnant until my water breaks, lol. He will try to wrap me in bubble wrap for 9 months...ha!
    I always wanted a midwife and home birth but Zvika always said NO. We had a friend whose home water birth didn't go well and the baby ended up in the NICU for a month, so now he for sure won't let me do that!
    Have you seen the Riki Lake documentary about water births?
    1337 days ago
    I think men freak out about the whole baby thing, because they have no control while you're pregnant. They want to DO something, but all they can do is wait. And make sure you're okay. So they ask "should you be doing that" probably like a million times before you have the baby.
    1338 days ago
    I think it's cute that Scott is so concerned about you and the baby. Most good fathers are very protective of their pregnant wives and unborn children. My hubby didn't like that I had to work as nurse even though the people I worked with didn't allow me to do dangerous things.

    That's a shame about the water births. I've never seen one but have heard about them.
    1339 days ago
    Johnny was the same way when I was pregnant both times. Too funny what guys go through with pregnancy. Also maxs first room was almost that exact color!
    1340 days ago
    I'm glad that you forced yourself to go exercise just a recommendation that if it hurting to maybe slow down or take a break. Congratulations on finish painting the room and the baby. I hope they lift the ban on water births so that you can have your child the ways you want to. Good luck!
    1340 days ago
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