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Scale Obsession?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today my SP start page recommended an article on breaking an obsession with the scale. Although I am doing better with my relationship with the scale, it still bothers me more than it should when I have a weigh-in higher than I anticipate. Now that I'm not tracking my food, weighing myself is crucial. It gives me the feedback I need to know whether I need to cut back on my food intake. When I'm up I give myself two weeks to get back down to range. After that, if I'm not back to goal range I will start tracking my food again. So far in the past 7 months I have never had to start tracking. And I am finding that I have to go back to purposefully cutting back on food less and less often. So the scale is my friend, giving me the feedback to choose food on the fly and still enjoy living in goal weight range!

In the article, there are 5 specific tips to reducing scale obsession and it just looks like a process that would work for me. If you can relate to the scale obsession, check it out:

On a different fitness-related note, I went a total of 5.6 miles this morning in my neighborhood, starting at sunrise. After 10 minutes of walking, I did a slow-run warm up. Then I ran-walk (run 2 minutes/walk 30 seconds) one mile in 9:07, followed by several miles at an easier pace. I ran 50 steps up the hill on my street two times and I easy jogged the whole way up, probably 80 steps, once.

I'm still a little sore from my strength training on Monday, but overall I'm feeling strong and healthy!!
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  • IONA72
    Sounds like you are doing great, I weigh most days, usually I'm in control but sometimes that scale can get me worked up! I like to walk/run too, gets me a lot further. emoticon
    1191 days ago
    i think we all have to come to terms with our relationship with the scale in our own way. i thought i had maintaining, and weighing, and tracking all figured out - i stopped tracking, because i had my healthy eating habits, but kept weighing - until once again, i didn't like what the scale showed, so i stopped weighing (and of course my eating habits had deteriorated to cause it to go up).*not* weighing is what always gets me into trouble. i'm weighing and tracking again, and again, i *know* that if i stop weighing - that's the trouble part. your idea of the two week rule is a good one, maybe i'll try it when i've reached goal again. and i'll read the article…

    good job on the run!

    1191 days ago
    1191 days ago
    1192 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    1192 days ago
    I think I'm making progress on this front. There was a time in my life when I weighed multiple times in a day, observing the fluctuations. There is something to be said about weighing before and after a workout session to detect hydration needs, BUT that is not the same as the obsession they discuss in the article. What I did when I weighed morning, after dinner and at bedtime was excessive!

    Now that I have a scale that's connected to the internet... once a day is plenty to see the trends.

    You're doing GREAT being able to maintain without precisely tracking. Maybe someday I'll "grow up" to that point... right now, not there. Have to track to ensure I get enough... as I try to figure out what my training calorie range truly is.


    1192 days ago
    That is a great article, thanks Marsha. And you are coping beautifully with NOT TRACKING your food yet maintaining your weight. I think that's terrific: you've found something that works for you.
    1192 days ago
  • XANA97
    I liked your thoughts on the scale, and I will definitely read the linked article. I agree that the scale can be a useful tool if you understand the natural fluctuations of weight from day to day. If it's not hindering your day to day functioning then it's a useful part of the program, especially since you are at the point of not needing to track all of your food intake. Keep up the healthy work!
    1192 days ago
    I know some people don't like to hear this, but, in my opinion, it's not the scale that's the problem--it's our attitude towards it. I don't have any hard data to support this, but I would say that the majority of the successful, long-term maintainers here weigh themselves regularly. Maybe not every day, though I know many do, but often enough to notice when their weight starts to trend upwards and take action before things get too out of control. The scale is a useful tool. One of many, yes, but a pretty accurate gauge of where we're at, especially if you take a long view. If I went by measures like how my clothes fit, I'd pack on ten pounds before I started to notice a difference--and that's too much for me. I don't panic anymore over day-to-day blips or upticks after a larger than normal meal every now and then, but a steady upward trend means it's action time.

    Super job on your run and good for you for keeping up with the strength training!
    1192 days ago
    The scale is my friend too and I weigh every morning.
    I don't consider it an obsession any more than brushing my teeth is an obsession,

    Avoiding the scale is how I gained the weight in the first place.

    "Fluctuations" don't bother me. Fluctuations means some days up and some down. The problem is when the changes and only up, up up. Yeah, that's when I start tracking again too.

    Great job on the run BTW.
    1192 days ago
  • B-NANA
    I appreciate how you broke down your 5.6 mile run/walk for us. It helps me to set goals for myself. I'm not a runner by any means yet.
    1192 days ago
    The scale and I've just come to an understanding. I can't weigh more than once a week or it just plays with my mind too much.

    I also have to adjust calories depending on what the scale says. It seems like I have to cut back every 5 or 10 years. My metabolism keeps dropping and it gets frustrating, but it's something each of us have to deal with.

    Keep at it!
    1192 days ago
    1192 days ago
    I also read Spangle's Friends with the Scale book and we are working on our relationship. Great job on the run/ walk and hill mastery!
    1192 days ago
    I do weigh daily but I have started watching the trends rather than the many, my weight tends to fluctuate by a few pounds from day to day. Looking at the trends, I see that I stay pretty tight to my goal. If the trend starts trending up, I start being more conservative with my eating. If the trend goes down, I try to amp up fruits a bit.
    1192 days ago
    Great job on the fitness. I too weigh myself every day. Each of us must do what is best for us. I plan to continue tracking my food for awhile. emoticon
    1192 days ago
    Interesting approach -- weigh ins and no tracking with a two week rule. I may have to try that. I'm a few pounds over where I want to be so once I get back to my goal I might try your approach...thanks for sharing!
    1192 days ago
    SOOOOO jealous of the run! Big Sigh soon I will be running again
    1192 days ago
  • _LINDA
    emoticon emoticon running work!
    Absolutely you need to monitor your weight when not tracking! That is not an obsession, its a necessity. But what would be is worrying about every fractional increase. Just know that weight does fluctuate and you just need to watch the overall results over time.
    1192 days ago
  • GABY1948
    emoticon emoticon
    1192 days ago
    Yes, the old scale...friend or not. I still weigh myself everyday but if I am up it doesn't bother me and I too use it as a tool to decide if I need to eat more. Yep for me it is eat more so I maintain a healthy weight. So I look at the scale as a friend.

    It was a great article though. I can see how some people let the number sabotage them and they get upset with the number. We are all different though and I like my daily weigh in.

    Good for you to get an early morning run in.
    Have a great day.
    1192 days ago
    I love how you've made friends with the scale and your very reasonable way of getting back if you see a gain. Linda Spangles new book Friends With the Scale is great-you might enjoy it.
    1192 days ago
    Congratulations on your fitness success. emoticon

    I'm definitely obsessed with the scale, but I find that it motivates me. Not just when the numbers go down, but also when they don't because than I know that I will have to work harder. Plus, I'd be worrying all the time if I am gaining weight if I didn't weight myself.

    1192 days ago
  • JLAMING263
    emoticon emoticon
    1192 days ago
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