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Vacation Day 65/90 - Random Thoughts

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I am down another pound, so happily I am now below my ticker weight! Yay!

Watermellen wrote a great blog today about celebrating her 5-year maintenance anniversary, and in it she talks about many of the things she's learned to do to maintain her 90-pound weight loss.

The thing that spoke to me this morning is that we have to understand that our weight WILL fluctuate, that upticks DO happen, that we WILL make bad doesn't have to be a catastrophe. When it happens make a FIRM DECISION to go back to the basics that worked for you in the beginning: track, drink your water, watch your portions, cut down on the carbs, eat nutrient-dense meals, get more active on Spark, reach out to your Sparkfriends, etc. Whatever works!

The WORST thing we can do is start to berate ourselves for being a failure, for letting this happen again, telling ourselves that we'll "never be able to lose weight". Because that's a lie and a copout.

I used to do that to myself all the time. And it's why I stayed 40 pounds heavier for more years than I can bear to think about. I used to think if I couldn't be perfect, "What's the use?" But as KALIGIRL commented on Watermellen's blog today, "Perfect is the enemy of the good." It's a lesson I still struggle with!

Anyway -- when I got on my compact travel scale (after avoiding it for a few weeks) I knew I had to get busy. The number on the scale wasn't a catastrophe, it was a call to action! I am not where I want to be by any means. But keeping off that 40 pounds is my line in the sand, and it's non-negotiable.

This morning we have already walked nearly 4 miles in town, and now we are getting ready to move to Moab, Utah. We will only be 6 miles away from Arches National Park so I'm hoping we can get in a lot more early-morning hiking without having to wake up at 4 am! We will go to the visitor's center for brochures and information and make a tentative schedule for the next 7 days. I know paddling down the Colorado River is going to be one of the things we do.

OK, gotta go; TC is already out there getting things buttoned up. Have a Sparkalicious Day!!!
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