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I’ve Got to Stop Sleeping Around

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I can fall asleep anywhere – on the couch, in a recliner, on any padded flat surface, even on a plane if I have something or someone to lean against.

Last night I was in a spare bedroom watching a movie that DH wasn’t interested in.
I woke up in the middle of the night and promptly bashed my knee on a dresser. This room is a lot smaller than MY bedroom.

The knee feels OK, but I’ll skip running and just walk today to test it out.

Yesterday, I posted a blog about being aware of your surroundings – “Be Careful OUT there”

I should amend that to being careful ANYWHERE or at least don’t walk around in the dark.

I shouldn’t be surprised. I have an entire history of klutzy accidents that have nothing to do with running or any fitness activity.

In 2006 I tripped over a planter outside a restaurant. I was checking out the location of the “Cheesecake Factory” and not looking where I was going.

In 2011 I tripped over a step at a buffet while checking out the dessert table in the distance.

In 2012 I fell while walking down a banked driveway and looking at the “beautiful moon.”

The moral of this story: I’ve got to pay attention to what I’m doing wherever I am.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hope the knee is doing better!

    And my husband can fall asleep anywhere as well. Me? Not so much. And I tend to sleep restlessly in new places. (As in awake at 3 AM and on the computer, LOL!)

    But yeah, some of us are klutzy because we're just looking at more interesting stuff than where our feet are! (Trust me, I know that one well.)
    1309 days ago
    I'm a klutz too. I've sprained my knee several times...mostly falling off sidewalks or slipping on wet floors.
    1311 days ago
    Forgive me for chuckling! I too am a well known klutz and I have the bruises to prove it. I am most notorious (besides for losing keys and pairs of glasses) for talking while driving and missing my turn or my exit because I wasn't paying attention. So far I haven't caused any accidents though, not even while making abrupt U-turns! ;-)
    1311 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Hope the knee feels better sooner rather than later, and yes, you should stop sleeping around!
    1312 days ago
    So sorry you went "bump" in the night! But... I'll see your planter and raise you a sleeping dog... for tripping over, that is. Yep, my most recent hard to recover from injury was received tripping over my own pup... about six years ago. I, too, have to remember to look where I'm going... all ... the ... time!

    Good warning!
    1312 days ago
    Oh dear oh dear, sorry you whacked yourself -- it's amazing what happens when you wake up in a "strange" place.

    And: glad your DH doesn't mind you sleeping around!!
    1312 days ago
    Hope the knee is totally better. Appreciate the great title and blog!! Unfortunately I can identify with the klutziness, which might have been worse at 212 pounds than at 132, but not much!!!
    1312 days ago
    I've had many of those experiences too, not related to exercise! Broke my little toe about a year ago when I hit it on something not paying attention. Numerous other ones. You are not alone! Hope all is okay!
    1312 days ago
  • DR1939
    I fell down a hill on an island in the Baltic and cracked my ankle. Luckily it was the last day of our vacation but talk about an agonizing plane ride. An orthopedist once told me that no was "clumsy," but there was a reason for people stumbling. Mine was from dragging my right foot due to a deteriorated disc in my neck.
    1312 days ago
    Over the past few years I have fallen several times (tripping over uneven sidewalks) and landed hard on one or the other knee. Thankfully I have not broken either one, but I certainly am more aware of the terrain where I am walking than I used to be.
    1312 days ago
  • KANOE10
    Good advice. Be careful anywhere. I am doing yoga to try to improve my balance and strengthen my muscles. I have tripped twice in the last few years. Not fun. I am glad you were not hurt. Good idea to rest the knee.
    1312 days ago
    Be careful - I do the same thing
    1312 days ago
    You and me both! How many people can break both bones in their leg while jumping for beads at a Mardi Gras Parade?!
    1312 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Had to laugh at this one. I have always been a KLUTZ! Before I started school my mother put me in dancing lessons hoping that I would learn some grace...the teacher just laughed and every recital I did fine but I did everything just OPPOSITE everyone else!

    As I age I do tend to be far more careful out of fear of really hurting myself but have really hurt some dumb places!

    Be careful out there!!! emoticon
    1312 days ago
    I can top that! I tripped on the stairs at a Catholic church and broke my right ankle. Minutes before my step-daughter's wedding.

    Also, slid on front porch and slammed into retaining post - got severe concussion and sub-dural hemotoma.

    Aren't we a pair?
    1312 days ago
    I have a friend that has sprained the same ankle at least 5 times the same way.
    Be careful out there!!!
    1312 days ago
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