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Tuesday' progress on the week's goals

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It is so worth while putting things in writing. I then know what I have to do, I get ideas about how to do it either through getting organized or my spark friends come to the rescue!

Yesterday was very successful.

I have not finished the list but took "bites" of each item.

1. Cleaning out my freezer, fridge and pantry. I went through my deep freeze and pulled out the buns and perogies and things we are not eating any longer and took them to my brother's place. They have a house full and sure appreciated the food. We are slowly eating up things in the pantry and fridge. I am trying to menu plan to make that happen. My kids want to swap things around and have frozen meals in the inside freezer. It has always been the "breakfast" freezer so I would have items available for B&B guests but since I don't have guests for a while they think prepackaged meals are a good idea. At first I balked. I don't like change. They pointed out though that after my knee surgery it would be easier for me to access meals we make ahead. True. Plus the leftovers are quick to grab by people working to take for lunch. True again. It occurs to me too that since they have come up with this idea they may inventory and clean out the rest of the deep freeze! We'll see. Today I will clean out the fridge.

2. Make a menu plan for the next 2 weeks. I made the menus for the next 4 days and enjoyed looking through the menus on "Real Healthy Recipes" which are all gluten and dairy free (except cheese as a condement). I printed out a few new ones to try. I am learning that I can collect a LOT of ideas and then never try them so it is better to start small. Last night was sweet and sour pork. It was an hour to prep, cook and serve from start to finish but that was too long for my knee so as we sat down I was hoping it would not be very good. Unfortunately it was very good. It got 3/4 yes votes and my DD who does not like pineapple said it was OK but not a favourite. On the negatives it requires deep frying the pork coated in batter. I had not realized that when I chose this recipe. I can see DD23 really enjoying it because it resembles "chicken balls" which she can no longer eat and it could be made with chicken, shrimp or even veggies. Comfort food. You can certainly just do a pork stir fry using the same "sauce" but it would not have that same effect. My goal today is to make the strawberry cheesecake cobbler from the same site which uses raw cashews in place of creamcheese. I like the carb, protein and fiber values and we can have it with Grilled chicken and salad for dinner tonight. The alternative was a brownie recipe my DD23 sent me made from sweet potatoe that she claims is the best brownie she has ever had... again high in fibre and low in sugars... but the site (eatdrinkpaleo.com) does not list nutritional values. not get the carb values to see how it will fit into my dinner plan as the "dessert" will be my carb and I'd have to put it in the food tracker to figure out how big the servings should be. We seem to be finding good recipes that she can eat though at paleo sites, although she can eat rice as well.

3. Planning my schedule. It sure helps to be organized. By having a menu I was able to get all the ingrediants in as well as plan to use foods up. This used to be so hard. I guess I was working and had some obsessive qualities coming up because I didn't want to have meals repeated. Anyways... got to the 2 stores I needed to go to and picked up things I need to take to the wedding and things for the people staying home. I have not planned into the week we come back with the bride and groom yet. However I have everything I need to bake some GF snacks to travel with. DD23 put in a request that I fedex her some of the GF bread I made while she was here. It was .... incredible... I admit. However I was using up leftover flours and am not sure I can recreate it. DD24 tried to make the original recipe earlier this week and it was not nearly as good. Mine was chewy and moist and you had no idea it was gluten and dairy free. Hmmm. Fedex? REally???? I'm not sure I have time before we go... and Fedex.... really... I don't KNOW. You'd want to send it after it cools but as soon as possible.... have to think about it. Tomjorrow is my hair appointment. I'm excited. Maybe adding colour? Definitely a new cut. Time with DD so hoping it is fun. This morning was fasting blood work and an EKG so that is DONE. Made appointments for DD25 with the neuologist. Picked out bright blue nail polish to match my dress.

4. Filing is done so the office is ready to CLEAN. As it is raining today it seems like a good task to do. I don't know when the last time it was cleaned even was!

5. Exercise. I DID do the garden yesterday. Well, I did part of 2 sections. It was HARD on my knees but I only worked until my knee would not tolerate it and then sat for a while. It really is magic because I am down another pound today and that probably was the reason. I need to MOVE. I also did my ST. I also did physio which is a whole other ballgame. I'd planned to do more garden today but if the rain does not let up I'll do some aquafit.

6. Something to do with my hands. Even though I "overdidit" yesterday I find I am recovering quickly. Sitting helps. Whether it is doing my nails or reading or sparking. But I need to have more. I thought about some comments I got and while I don't think I want to start scrap booking I think going through photos would be a very good project. We will want to downsize in the future and there are boxes of memorabilia and photos that will have to be organized, scanned or ... scrapbooked, lol. So I think I'll try it. I do enjoy looking for recipes but that puts me in the office more. If I set up a little table in the main room then I will be in there when people are reading or cooking. I also got a new sodoku book. I think one sudoku is just the right amount of time to "recover" and then get back to chores. It feels strange not booking B&B guests and all the whirlwiind of preparation involved... but we do have people coming over the next 2 months, some family and some guests. I don't want to start anything that might become too cluttered or too much work. And I do want it to encourage being around everyone. Yup, I think the photos will work.
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    Awesome progress! Always so inspiring :)
    1310 days ago
  • LADYBUG1943
    An alternative to "artsy" scrapbooking.... You can find online a company that sells archival albums with plastic sleeves for the pictures, then right beside them, a smaller sleeve for a description or memory of the picture. Much faster with less angst that scrapbooking, and you've got your photos in albums, ready to view. I know you can make online albums as well which are fun for your online friends, but there's nothing like family members going through albums of great grandparents and previous houses or pets.

    We are just moving, and I have two boxes of photos and scrapbooking supplies even though (in my mind) I threw a ton of it away. There's additional photo boxes snuck into other boxes to spread out the weight a little bit.

    Yvonne - 7000 steps today, and no walk. That means little sitting for me today!
    1318 days ago
    You did a good job!!! You will be happy that you've gotten organized as time gets closer to the surgery.

    1318 days ago
    Wow, you had some super productive time. You're very organized.

    1318 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    emoticon Thats progress emoticon
    1318 days ago
    great idea freezing food
    1318 days ago
    Good luck switching things up!
    It's a good idea to have some [healthy] meals ready.
    1318 days ago
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