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A Stroke of Genius

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A thought occurred to me today, working on running and taking my nephews for a walk could go hand-in-hand... Provided I don't lose my mind.

Here's the base idea I came up with: take the boys for a walk, have them get a certain distance in front of me (one I know I can run to fast in case something happens), then run/jog up to where they are, and repeat the process. I thought this could help my lungs, muscles, bones, etc. get used to running in a slower and more fun manner. It wouldn't be as freeing, but the boys would get some fun by being chased and tickled/tagged when I reach them and it would be great exercise for all three of us.

We have been practicing the walk ahead idea already, because I like them to feel a little independent but be where I can reach them quickly and easily of course. So I let them get so far ahead and then I tell them to stop or come back. This works for the older one, but the younger one is ornery and thinks it's hilarious to do the opposite of what he's told (about half of the time).

Anyway, I think I could practice this running idea on the sidewalk that stretches about a tenth of a mile in front of our house, like we've been doing with our short walks at least a few times a week. That way we're close to home if they are misbehaving. I can start with a goal of once or twice a week, and to go to each corner and back for a total of two-tenths of a mile. Once we all get more used to it, we can start to go a little further before turning around... like around the corner and deeper into our community. Basically just all of us working our way up.

It's something I wouldn't count in my fitness tracker because it would be a short period of time, a short distance, and not really able to time it with the boys being so busy. So it would be a bonus of being active with them and burning extra calories that way... kind of like our stops at the park, where I chase and play with them in a similar manner.

This is just an idea for now. I don't know if I'll actually do it, but I feel like my body wants to run now... and I think this would be a great way to start. All of us keep busy and active and we all have fun. Once Aiden can actually run and without falling (probably next summer), I could go to an open area with grass or dirt and we could just run around.
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