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The importance of PLAY

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

I just updated my status to say I had played with my son yesterday. For those of you who have young children, this will not sound odd. But when you consider that my son will turn 30 this week, it might seem a little strange to use that term.

But in my second childhood now, I don't hesitate. Play is important to stress relief. My son, now an adult, needs play much as I do! He called, in the neighborhood, and was going to stop by to visit, have a cup of coffee. What mom doesn't want a visit from her grown children?

But I mentioned going for a walk, as I was low on my step count for the day, and he asked if I'd be up for shooting a round of "Horse" on the basketball court in the park nearby. Well... it's been years since I tossed a ball at a hoop, but it's one of my son's passions. It was always his favorite thing as a kid. He told me he'd played a few times with Army buddies and they were usually surprised that he knew what he was doing on the court. He doesn't look like a guy who played basketball, he tells me. I look up at him (he's 10 or 11 inches taller than me)... and wonder... why? He looks like a BB player to me! Um... too pale, he says. So while he takes some time warming up, eventually, the muscle memory of his youth kicks in, and he starts hitting the hoop.

This pattern held true for our game of Horse. We were both pretty pathetic... my upper body is my weakness, and heaving a ball at a hoop relies on upper and core, putting the legs into jump shots. I won the first game, he won the second. We always had to play until he won when he was little... or at least made ONE more basket, mom! And that's how one develops skills... by having the determination of a little kid... seeking ONE more basket.

As a consequence, I got my steps in, in an unconventional way. emoticon The point I was getting to, here, is that we each have active things that we enjoy. If you are having trouble getting motivated to get active, maybe it's because you have stopped doing the things you enjoy... or haven't found them yet.

Find YOUR happy active! Play is good. Go play and have fun! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Because LIFE is good. It's too good to miss out on by sitting around. And it's so much better when I'm fit. Being fit made it possible for me to go do something with my son that HE enjoys even if I'm not terribly good at it. And of course it's at its best when there are friends and family, on line and off, virtual and in real life... along for the journey. Consistently, consciously, and creatively making choices that support being able to STAY fit and active, I am GRATEFUL for each and every day.

emoticon Namaste.
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