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Kicking around a name

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I have been wanting to name a baby boy after my grampa for a few years now. When he came thru ellis island from Transylvania his name was Enrich Jack. They told him to go by Jack, so he did. But I really like the name Enrich. My issue with it is that it is kind of weird and it doesn't look like it sounds. So we have been looking at alernative closely related names. I am just frustrated, none of them sound or feel right. I really don't wanna be one of these difficult ppl who give their kid a name that just leaves them correcting everyone 24/7. The name sounds like Enrick but looks like Enrich, old world. I saw a record also on naming him Emerick. The variations we have been looking at are
Enrich (bothering me sounds like enrichment)
Emeric (Hungarian Saint killed by boars, also the french version of Emerick, my dads name was was Marc, the french spelling of Mark)
Emerick (Could nickname him Emory, not sold on that as a birth name tho)
I just feel kind of blinded for some reason to any other name. I used to think a boys name would be easier, now I am thinking girls would be easier. Oh and to top it off Scott wants to give him his first name as his middle name. Enrich Scott, so he wont have a fall back name. His dad did this with him and he wants to follow it for first born. What's funny is I found out my cousin Scott, his middle name is Enrich after my grandfather, ha! I had a dream the other night my dad was writing me a check and the name at the top of the check was Enrich. He's been visiting me a lot lately in dreams, mostly in phone calls.

Two days ago I was so tired I went to bed at 7:30, 39 steps short of my 10k steps for the day! Ahhhhh how annoying! Been kind of a low steps this week. My hours at work were cut from 32 to 28 which is nice, I can use getting off my feet for sure. Especially since the new and exciting spider veins I have been developing really pop out when I am on my feet too much. I asked my doctor about them, I love how u need to ask a doctor like 8 million questions (that you write down) but you have time for like 3 (and no time to get paper out) and can't seem to think when she asks "how are you?" I asked if they would go away and she goes "Maybe they will, they might not" Great thanks! I feel better now lol My dad's side is notorius for spider and varicose veins. Online it said to exercise and elevate feet.

Eating has been a little better. Except if I am really good and eat 2200 calories then I wake up starving to death at 4 am. Exercise has been good this week, going to my 3rd dance class this week! Lifting twice and hit 1 water aerobics class. It was a good week.

22 weeks after 3rd dance class for the week.
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    We found it best not to tell people the names we were thinking of when I was pregnant (5 times) people would say things like oooooh I love that name, or after a pause oooh how unusual either way we felt they were influencing our choice.

    In the end it's your child and you should be able to choose what you feel is the best name.

    So happy to read of your pregnancy progress and your health

    OH and you are wrong you DO look pregnant
    1156 days ago
    I remember the day before we had Anna. We didn't find out any of our babies' genders, so we didn't know what we were having, but we had Ryan Patrick picked out for our boy name. My SIL sent a nasty email because my BIL's middle name is also Patrick, and she felt that name should be off-limits until they start having kids. Sigh. You really can't win.

    You are looking really fabulous. I got Dan to come with me to Gold's over the weekend and try one of Vicki's classes! He really liked it. Said it was different from anything he has ever done. He wants to keep coming on Saturday mornings for her class. Anyway, we saw you in class as we were leaving. You are soooo cute! You may not feel like it, but you are so awesome. :)
    1169 days ago
  • FUEL82
    Looking great! Names are hard. Emeric is a nice name. I think it's neat how it kind of recalls your Dad's name between the "marc" and the "meric" sound. I am sure you'll figure it out. Don't worry if it takes a while. :-) My inlaws keep mixing up my son's name and calling him by my nephew's name. At first it was funny but now it's getting annoying because they are doing it on purpose. I am thinking how is he suppose to learn his name if you call him something else. Lol...
    You rock on the exercise! A few steps short of 10k at 22wks, damn! :-) Keep up the great work!
    1169 days ago
    I had a bunch of girls names and few boys and my hubby nixed practically all of them. Every name I liked he knew someone by that name he didn't like. I think unusual names are better. It's a problem being the third Chris in the room. You end up being Chris O, Chris E, or Chris A. I really like unique names. My husband's relatives have names like Estavan Bocshine, and Menhart Pinter. Much more interesting than Fred Jones. At Ellis Island they told his grandpa he would be Steve Bucho instead of Estavan Boscine.

    Sounds like you are doing great with the exercise!!
    1170 days ago
    I like Emerick a lot, I don't think he'll be correcting anyone because it is spelled pretty straightforwardly and it sounds like it has a lot of family heritage behind it. He is probably going to be in school with a lot of weirdly spelled creative names anyway you choose so it is really up to you.
    1170 days ago
  • JEREMY723
    I have no advice on the name except to say best of luck!

    I hope that you're having a nice weekend:)
    1171 days ago
    I like the idea of somehow combining your grandfather's and father's name, maybe going with Emerich (pronounced Emerick).

    And as a teacher, we see tons of unusual names, not to worry.
    1171 days ago
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