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“Too Soon Old and Too Late Smart” – An Amish Proverb, I think

Friday, July 11, 2014

At least I used to hear it a lot when visiting my parents near Lancaster, PA.

I thought about this during my run this morning. I had just posted a response to Indy-Girl’s featured blog warning about the “crabs” trying to pull us back down into the bucket.

My post was:
Perhaps the crabs "mean well" like those people who validate our excuses.
To be successful I have to focus on the responses within parentheses.

Don't worry about your weight, you're fit.
(Why drag around extra pounds?)

Forget BMI - it doesn't work for weight lifters and professional athletes
(but I'm not in that category)

Men don't like bony women
(Is skinny shaming acceptable now?)

Eat whatever you want, life is too short
(Shorter if I eat poorly)

Healthy food costs too much
(So does medical care)

While running I kept thinking about more comments from the crabs and my reaction.

Why are you running?
(Because I’ve been doing it for 30 years and I still can)

You’re going to ruin your knees.
(But you’re having the knee replacement and you never ran)

You don’t want to be a size 0 do you?
(Sure I do. Those measurements are a 25” waist and 35” hips, but back in the 60s when those WERE my measurements, it was called a size 10. Now a size 10 has a 30” waist and 40” hips)
Source: J C Crew

You look good for your age.
(Thank you, I think)

They’re right about my age. When you qualify for Social Security, Medicare and your 50th HS reunion is one month away, there’s no denying that I’m old.

I regret that it took me so long to get smart and stop listening to the crabs.

However, there’s another helpful proverb – “better late than never.”
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