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Day 7 Music in the Park

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Today’s adventure started at the Eiffel Tower.

Our city coordinators continually cautioned us not to look at, speak to, or interact with the gypsies in any way, warning how aggressive they could become. Boy howdy they weren’t just whistling Dixie. Some of our poor kids, who have been taught to make eye contact and speak when spoken to, were getting mobbed. Hubby and I made quite a few rescues of distraught teens that did not know how to get away when surrounded by 3 or 4 adults demanding they make a purchase. Lucky for me, I know a very kind and caring youth pastor who is a gypsy, who came from a huge family of hard-working gypsies. That enabled me to talk to the kids about stereo-types, and point out that not all gypsies behave like the ones we encountered here. There were armed military guards walking around, and the scam artists would scatter whenever they came near.

I forced my hubby and son WAY out of their comfort zones, insisting they go to the top of the tower with me. I did cave and agree to take the elevator all the way as opposed to climbing the stairs to the second level. A small concession on my part, considering how difficult it was for them. The views were out of this world. I could have spent hours up there with the wind in my face.

It really opened my eyes to how large Paris was, and how little of it we were actually seeing. Next we were off to Notre Dame. My son was highly amused by a restaurant café named Magots. Teen humor. Thought we’d never hear the end of the jokes that followed.

Our first glimpse of Notre Dame was awe-inspiring.

Thanks to Disney, my quest began to discover gargoyles. Because of movies and books, I had expected to see them all over France, and was starting to give up hope. I was not to be disappointed.

At least outside, I could take all the photo’s I wanted. Every inch was unbelievably beautiful. How on earth did they create something so incredible that could endure the ages?

Street performers only added to the ambience.

We walked to the lovely nearby St. Severin where the choir and string quartet performed.

Then we coached to Georges Brassens Parc for an outdoor band concert. It was packed with people. There were people from 2-90’s dancing and clapping to the music and waving flags. It was a lot of fun.

Then it was back to the Restaurant Le Saulnier for our dinner of some kind of beef with pasta. Very fatty. Dessert was some sort of puffy hollow flaky pastry with what might have been vanilla sauce. We were glad we had snacks in the room to munch on. On the ride back to the hotel, we saw lots of people dancing on the wide sidewalks between the streets. It looked and sounded like a lot of fun!

We were definitely ready for a good night’s sleep.
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