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Standing my ground with a big stick

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Recently there have been several articles about proper etiquette for walkers, runners and bikers when sharing the trail. I’ve added my opinion about confronting a solid wall of walkers either in front of me or coming toward me.

Lately though, my problem has been my country road. There are no shoulders. Sometimes just a strip of grass. Often just a ditch.

Biking there is way too dangerous, but I do like to walk or run the 1 mile uphill and back down to our house which is where the road ends at the lake.

There’s not much traffic, but drivers do tend to speed. I don’t know why. Probably, because they can.

I always wave at oncoming cars and since we’re in the south, they usually wave back. However friendly they may be, they don’t leave me much room as I cling to the leftmost part of the pavement.

When I decided to incorporate a bit of upper body work into my walk, I noticed something different.

I began carrying my 50 year old baton from HS, and twirling it as I walked. As a car approaches, I give it a wave with the baton. Amazing! Now they move over almost into the other lane. Drivers may not worry about hitting me, but they don’t want me to scratch their car.

I don’t run with the baton, but maybe I can substitute a lightweight stick – like I’m in a relay race – and see if it has the same effect.

Note: For longer distances I either drive to the gym for a treadmill or on to town where there are sidewalks. No, I don’t take my baton.
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