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My dog was attacked!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Today I was taking our morning walk and I had decided to up our distance and go farther then we usually go. We have been walking one mile I wanted to up it to 1.5. From where I live there is really only one direction to walk and we go straight down the road, turn around and go home.

Well we were walking along and a woman turned down behind us with a big dog. Idk what it was it looked like a yellow lab mixed with a bear it was huge. We were about a half a block ahead of them, no worries.

Then we got to the end of where I wanted to walk. I was exhausted by then and didn't want to keep going so I turned around and realized they were behind us so it was kindof awkward. I didn't think much of it, I've seen other dogs before. I pulled Trixie & myself to the very edge of the curb and waited for them to pass, leaving plenty of space. I smiled at her and apologized as her dog was pulling towards us. But he didn't seem aggressive to me just interested. I still kept us away.

But the woman wasn't very big and he pulls free from her and just jumps on Trixie. It happened so fast. He was just nipping at her butt. He didn't break the skin. But it was nothing but lunge and bite bite bite. She yelped and tried jumping/running.

She got her dog and I grabbed Trixie away and picked her up to check if she was ok. She was fine, no skin was broken.

The woman just said sorry and left. She didn't even stop to see if my dog was ok.

As soon as I saw Trixie was ok I lost it. I had to sit down on the ground crying, shaking, I couldn't breathe. Panic attack! So not the best reaction. Trixie went right into comfort mode, the angel lol.

She is so so tiny and it could have been so bad. I am just a wreck. I am scared if it mentally hurt her worse then it did physically. We still had to walk all the way home and for the entire way until we were back on our normal route she kept being jumpy and checking behind her.

I know I didn't handle it right. I did make her walk home though I so wanted to carry her and just protect her in my bubble of love. And I kept talking happy and telling her she was a good girl. I didn't want the experience to scar her so that she would be afraid of dogs.

I never thought about what I would do if she was attacked, that was never supposed to happen. I feel horrible about it. I should have pulled down the side street and backtracked instead of just walking to the side. And its all my fault we were down there to begin with, I should have stuck to our normal route and it wouldn't have happened.

She seems fine right now, like nothing happened.

A really strange part was that this morning when I started walking I so didn't feel like it. My legs were sore before I started. Every step I had to push myself forward. I kept saying oh I will turn around and cut it short but then I kept walking. The only reason I kept on was that it was pretty dead outside being Sunday morning & I didn't want to pass up that chance.

Also my BS numbers suck. My FBS was 145 & then three hours after breakfast + the walk I was up to 168. My breakfast only had 38 carbs. I had alot of anxiety but still, three hours & the walk I would imagine it wouldn't be so high.

I hope the rest of the day gets better. I am busy cleaning cleaning cleaning.
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    PS: Sometimes stress can really mess with your BS levels.
    1355 days ago
    Jesus. I hope Trixie is still doing ok. What a bad dog owner that lady was. She didnt even stop to see if she was ok.

    How sweet your little pooch is giving u such love after she was the one that was attacked. So selfless. Thats why i love animals so much. :)

    If you see her again, you should confront her about it. Not aggressively or anything.
    1355 days ago
    I had to report a dog and the dog's owner in our neighborhood. It really made me feel better in the long run. After the incident, I was scared, too. By reporting it, I felt like I had gained back some control in the situation and literally a wave of relief washed over me.

    If it happens again to someone else, you will have a record of the first incident on file and the owner will have to step up and take responsibility. They don't need a name either. Just a description of the owner/dog/location/time would help.
    1356 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/6/2014 6:32:59 PM
  • NEED2LOSEN2010
    I'm so glad you are both ok. It is very scary, but I hope you find a way to keep walking, & please know that it wasn't your fault. It upsets me when people can't control their dogs, she should have at least known her dog well enough to warn you, & then she should have moved far enough away to prevent this . I think I would report this as well. This may not have been the first time this has happened.
    But Thank God everyone is ok

    God Bless
    Sunny emoticon
    1356 days ago
    Don't blame yourself for Trixie getting attacked, it was the fault of the woman who couldn't control her dog. I can only imagine how upset you were. I would've had a total meltdown. In my case, Ginger is the aggressive one and tries to attack other dogs, but at 7 lbs, she's easy to control. It's my personal opinion that if you have an aggressive dog, if you can't control it you shouldn't have it.

    But anyway, I'm so glad Trixie wasn't seriously injured. And how sweet of her to calm you down afterwards. I hope you're feeling more calm and relaxed now. I know how something like that can be really upsetting.

    Good job on going for a walk, despite not really being in the mood, though!
    1356 days ago
    I suggest that you do make a report with the police. The dog is definitely aggressive. I'm sorry you had to go through that.
    1356 days ago
    I took a peak at your food tracker and noticed that your protein was a little low to go with those carbs. For me anyway, that would lead to higher BS.

    I'm glad your dog is okay. That other dog and owner kinda scare me. Is she local, from your neighborhood? I would keep an eye out for that dog and don't be afraid to report it.

    Take care!
    1356 days ago
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