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Are you bothered by commercials?

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Do you feel TV is a land where people are trying to get you excited about things that you don't want to get excited about? Do you feel compromised when you are watching something, they tell you something else is coming, and you wait and wait for that story, only to be frustrated by more talk and more commercial breaks? Do you feel the TV land is a little less REAL than you like to be? Does it seem to be a land of hucksters and promoters?

Well, I can tell you something. You don't have to watch, or even listen. I was reading tonight that for each hour less people watch TV they have a corresponding increase in contentment. Four and half years ago, frustrated by the large omnipresent screen and sound in our house, and at the same time, frustrated by shelling out over a hundred dollars per month for the right to have this presence in our home, my wife and I had our satellite dish disconnected. It is by far, one of the best decisions we have made in our adult life. So much time was spent wasting away the hours with someone else's thoughts, someone else's presentations. Now, we are free to pursue our own interests.

It's true, we still waste time, though I'm not so sure sitting and thinking and talking are time wasted. But we have our own thoughts. Our own interests. My wife has been doing a good deal of writing, reading, and her Sunday companion, the New York Times Crossword puzzle. I now go to the gym three times per week, as well as started a complex book reading program that I hope to complete in the next 5 or so years. And we both listen to a lot of music. Life is so much more rewarding, freed of the chains of our big green monster. We do still watch movies on it two or three times per week, and we sometimes watch shows on my computer. But, man, I'll tell you, it is great to not be so compromised all the time. Best wishes, Glenn
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    TV in general sort of gives me a twitch. I always hated ads - commercials - and that extends even to stores where a salesperson will follow you around and try to promote various products. Yes, I know they're depending on commissions. I empathize. But sometimes I'm just wandering around and looking, and I simply don't want any "trailers" in my wake. Or, as the case may be, in my face. I've been chased out of many stores simply because some avid salesperson attached themselves to me at the door. Annoying.
    That extends especially to TV commercials. Luckily, +/-, we have a media center here which records the programs we want to watch, and when we replay them we simply fast-forward through commercials. I see very little of that stuff. Of course, there's the "down" side of that in that you don't see upcoming new shows, nor previews of ones you already watch... but I'd rather miss a bit of that than to have the incessant promotional (and very frequently inane) things thrown in my face.
    I can't understand people who have to have a TV running every moment, even when they're not watching it. Drives me nuts.

    1203 days ago
    emoticon Amen!!
    If we didn't have our Group Home gals in our home that we care for, we'd ditch the TV. It's one of their pleasures. The nice thing is we just purchase them the basic channels, they don't keep up with the new or popular.
    1203 days ago
    1203 days ago
    What I would love??....To watch the news without being made like I NEED to feel about it the same way the 'commentator' does.
    1203 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Oh I am so happy for you!!! I am married to a man addicted to METV and THIS ... free channels - I cut off cable TV when it got to $21 a month which was 20 years ago? But Hubby wanted a long distance antenna for $75 and The new programming pretty much has made him sit in front of the TV early morning and most of days off! I encourage him to tinker with his tractors or do anything else. And the commercials on those stations are so lame and false! I don't know what is on the regular networks.

    I pull up Antiques Roadshow on my computer and a few shows but try my best to ignore husband's TV. Hard to do in a small home. He won't let me watch the shows I want to watch, so internet sure is nice to have. It is very slow out here but just enough to stream.

    I was so happy to hear of you and your wife finding time for other interests and truly enjoying life again!
    1203 days ago
    1203 days ago
    1203 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1203 days ago
    Woohoo...go you.guys...
    I watch very little TV....
    We don't haveSky connected...there is enough rubbish on the free to air chanels that we have....
    I keep telling my husband that if the government reintroduce TV liciences that we won't have a TV...am not paying for crap....

    If we didn't have the TV more things would get talked about in our house instead of things getting lost and nor communicated....
    Go you guys...
    proud of you both...
    1204 days ago
    I've become pretty good about *ignoring* most of the commercials - they also make a good opportunity to *leave the screen* to do other things as quickly as possible if I'm watching an interesting show - I also frequently work out to the TV so I can switch them away as needed, if my workout permits that activity......

    What *really* burns me are pop-ups, pop-unders and those survey requests that get *right in the middle* of the content you're reading! Now THOSE have to STOP!

    1204 days ago
    I watch little TV. Most programs I watch I DVR it and speed through commercials so I have less annoyance with the tube of boredom! I love my music and freedom from the mindless chatter of the TV. If I didn't love sports so much DirecTV could have their box back completely~
    1204 days ago
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