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Fun in the Sun at the Pirate - Phillies baseball game with family!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

I had a great time with my sister, Joyce and nephew & Godson Mike at the Pirate - Phillies game here in Pittsburgh earlier today. The attendence was a sell-out crowd and with many Phillies fans. Sitting to my right in the stands was a Phillies family fans. The kids were fun, they were dancing in their seats for the songs that the Pirates play when certian batters on the Pirates came to the plate. It was great because they were baseball fans first, then Phillies fans, as the Mother said to me at one point. Sitting in front of me were Pirate fans. It was great because one was Jean, who if you have read my blogs before, it was my dear Aunt Jean who introduced me to Sparks. Jean's sister's name was Karen, well my Aunt Jean's oldest daughter is a Karen! Also sitting behind me was a couple with their 1 year birthday boy, Tommy. Quess what, my older brother's name is Tom! Tommy laughed and giggled when I waved and smiled to him!

The game started at about 4pm, the weater was perfect, sunshine and a slight breeze. I am glad that my wise sister brought sunscreen! Otherwise I would have sunburn right now! At first our pitcher looked like he was going to have a long day. He walked the first batter and then gave up a hit. I think 15 out of his first 18 pitches were not strikes. Somehow he managed to complete the top half of the inning without allowing a run. In the bottom half the Pirate's first hitter got a single, the second batter struck out, then McCuthchen nailed a home run!!! Our pitcher settled down from then on. He gave up about 3 or 4 hits, and struck out about 4 batters. He did give up a solo homerun and the score at that point was 3 -1. Going into the top of the 9th with the Pirates up 3 - 1 and a reief pitcher on the mound, guess what, the batter nails one over the wall, 3 -2. The reliever buckled down and the next two batters were east outs. Now, the score 3 -2, with all the Pirates fans and most of the Phillies fans on their feet, strike one, strike two and...strke three!!! The Pirates win 3 - 2, the same score that when my brother sent us tickets around Memorial Day for the Pirate - Washington (where he lives now)! We also were in the same section as last time, and almost the same row!

This was one of Mike's Birthday Presents from his Mom for his 25th birthday coming up on the 10th! Also before the game I gave him a check for his birthday as his present and toys for Louie, Mike's cat given to him for Mike's birthday 4 years ago. Louie was a rescue cat and also looked a lot like my Mom's favorite cat Missy. When Mom developed dementia after a stroke, we brought Louie in for visits with Mom. Mom was comforted with Louie because she thought Louie was Missy. Louie played his role as Missy very well!!!

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