CHALLENGES WORK! Go for the Gold and do them!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Team leaders know that challenges are incredible tools to each of us, often in different ways. When team leaders create challenges, they do so after thinking about the needs and interests of the team members. When we team members enter those challenges, leaders feel pleased that the challenges have touched a need and that people will commit to some change, stretegy or other effort. When everything pulls together (or rather, we the participants ALLOW everything to pull together!)... participating in challenges is a win-win endeavor!

What COUNTS though is the follow-through.

We may do well... or poorly! But what counts is that we do our best... and stick with the commitment we make to ourselves. After all, no matter how a challenge is constructe, each of us competes with only one other person: the Self Who Once Was. We want to leave that Self back behind us in the dust as we zoom forward, right? Right!

If you commit to a challenge, do your best to stick with it!
Blog about progress if that helps.
Write about it in the team if that keeps you on track.
Do whatever it takes to give yourself the gift of meeting this promise you make to yourself when you commit to a challenge.
And if like me you commit to multiple concurrent challenges, be sure that you believe doing so is possible.
Be S.M.A.R.T. about challenges as with all other goals.

We may stick to the challenge even though we don't have time to post in it, so it's important to let leaders know by simply telling them! Put it in a post, just saying "I'm with you and doing it, but probably won't have a change to post about it!" If you have to quit, let the leader know. Why should you do that? Because when there is no feedback, leaders don't know the challenge is wanted, that people are benefiting from it. A challenge that gets no action probably won't be repeated... or may even poof while it's still ongoing. So do communicate your progress as you go along.

Do all challenges have clear-cut connection to SP's healthy lifestyle goals? Nope, not all of them. Some challenges are just plain fun without any noticeable benefit to improving your lifestyle. Guess what? THAT IS FINE!

Levity is nice in life!
We need humour; it's very very healthy!
"Laugh Your Way to Health & Happiness
.....Health News Flash"
.............. By Becky Hand, Licensed & Registered Dietitian

If your teams do not offer challenges that challenge YOU,
seek other teams that give you what you need. Many people chat in one team, but participate in challenges elsewhere. Do what works for you.

I've 'known' members who participated in challenges but were seen on no other threads in the team! To me, that means the person is focussed...which is great.

If we are serious about making changes to reach goals,
challenges are incredible tools that help us.
So my two-word advice about challenges is:
........... D O emoticon T H E M ! ............

If you haven't participated in challenges, or really put effort into them:
this is the perfect time to start.
Go for it!
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