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club chat, July 2

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

whew! It is hot out this morning! emoticon I like it!

Course because my home is cement floors and in the shade all morning, it is wonderfully cool in here. I had several members ask if they could move in for the summer, as their homes are so warm already. It also meant everyone was comfortable for the meeting.

Weigh in went very well! Only one gain of .4...one very feeling guilty June (Graeme's mother). I do not think she did anything wrong, it is what it is, but she does beat herself up so....especially when her loving son lost 10 lbs this week!

I asked him but he said, "I do not have a clue how I did it" Said he did nothing different or extra...10 lbs! I wish I could lose that so easily!

I did lose this week but once again, just a very little number. Don't even remember what it was, it was so small, something like .1 or .2....doesn't matter, wither way I will take it!

Today I started a series on body image. The first part is a summary of interesting bits and pieces titled Mirror Mirror. Following young girls and young boys through to adults and the influences along the way. The second part is Men's body image in 6 parts. I felt it only fair to do this series for Graeme, as last summer we put him through a series on Women's body image, so some of you may not care for the next few discussions.

It was on everyones mind as we travelled through the childhood views, that the body image problem is becoming a problem at a younger and younger age. Several of us remember several years ago, when I first started bringing up topics of body image, that the average age of a young dieter was 13/14 years of age.

Today, we learned that 25% of girls under the age of 7, (Yes! 7!) have already been on a diet! By the age of 10, that number rises to 81% Another random statement said that 41% of of elementary school Japanese girls, ages starting at 6, thought they were too fat. emoticon

Boys were found to be significantly less critical of their appearance than the girls. Even the obese boys were less worried about their looks compared to girls of similar ages.

This is not a problem just in the USA or Canada, it is a worldwide problem. I attribute the facts of computers, TV, music videos and magazines to be the dominant influence of this worldwide problem.

The problems do not stop at those pre adolescent years, but carries on through the teens and into their adult years, especially in women. Standards of female beauty have become progressively more unrealistic during the 20th century. In 1917, the physically perfect woman was about 5'4" and weighed in around 140 pounds. Even Marilyn Monroe, at the top of her career, 40-50 years later, was 160 lbs.

Top models and beauty queens, just 25 years ago, weighed only 8 % less than the average woman....Now? those top models and beauty queens weigh 23% less The current media ideal for women is achievable by less than 5% of the female population, and that is just in terms of weight and size! If you want the ideal shape, face etc, it is probably more like 1%

Scary expectations of ourselves! And we wonder why we keep failing, when we try desparately to lose weight? Looks pretty obvious to me, with odds like those, and the pressure that we put on ourselves, to become the ideal image that we have stuck to the wall of our brain. We will never measure up.

Next week, we will be covering the second half of this particular paper. None of us peeked ahead to see what is in store but I would assume that we will be discussing the influences next, before we move into the unknown territory of men's body image issues.

Have yourselves a good week and a fine day! emoticon See ya lighter!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am saddened to hear that your wrist hadn't healed, Bear. However, I find myself rejoicing that the doctor decided (even at that last moment) to check with an x-ray.

    You continue to be in my prayers --- on several levels.

    The following is for us both to hold tightly to, Bear!

    emoticon Mark 5:36 ~~~~~ "Don't be afraid...just believe." emoticon

    God bless you, my Sister/Friend!
    1351 days ago
    Thanks for coming by and leaving a message Ima!

    Well, luck certainly is not with me today or even lately.

    I was told the cast was coming off, when I first got to the casting clinic this morning. I thought perfect! Thank you Loed!

    Then, just before the doc starts cutting it off, he says, maybe we better xray it first....

    Got the xray lickety split, hoofed it back to the cast room...and was told no, it is not coming off today. My diabetes is getting into the act and I am healing super slow, even though my blood sugars have been bang on. (Usually out of control blood sugars promote the poor healing factor) So, 2 more weeks and the doc will check it again....It really will be a long summer with no swimming and probably no yard chores, sigh

    Good for you on the 6 months sugar free Ima! You are doing super with that!

    and down 1.6, even though you are trying to maintain? wow! Not sure whether to say good for you when you didnt want to lose anything...butat least it is not gain, so that s good emoticon
    1352 days ago
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Lila!

    Tops has a book that is revised every 10-15 or so years. It is not actually a TOPS manual or anything like that. It is just a book that covers basic nuts and bolts of weight loss, whether it is issues that arise or , how to figure out BMI and how many calories are needed to maintain or lose , basic exercise techniques...that kind of stuff. A place to start, and you branch out from there

    Good for you for getting your walk in early. When I was an avid walker, as soon as the mornings were lighter, I would get out there and walk. Then if I got another walk in later it was a bonus, but I would know the walk is done for that day and I was free to do anything else or nothing else if i didnt want to! I loved walking in the crisp morning air in summer
    1352 days ago
    I have been thinking of your this morning, Bear, & praying that the healing had gotten to the point where the cast could be replaced with the removable one. Hope you are able to get your drawings in on time. I would find anyone taking over something I had been assigned or had volunteered for & started to be very frustrating. Shame on those men for their underhandedness!

    I, too, hope your niece will continue to give her son only healthy foods. Parents have complete control when their children are young, so why not use it to give them a sound foundations?

    I really do not know what the urge for chips the other night was all about. I haven't changed my diet, so believe the urge stemmed from some other unknown source. It felt weird for it to come out of the blue like that. I thought it strange, to say the least! Especially, because I consider potato chips (along with sodas) to be the biggest waste of calories going. emoticon I'll just fight it if the urge shows up again! emoticon

    Weigh-in this morning is to be considered a maintain --- although I was down 1.6#s. I need to increase my calories to keep what I consider to be a true maintained status.

    Yesterday was my six month mark for no sugar in my diet. emoticon

    I read an interesting blog yesterday --- all about intuitive eating --- I realized that I had been doing that quite naturally as of late.

    Well, our day is calling, so I best go answer!

    God bless you, Bear!

    1352 days ago
    I hear you.. I hated having my cast on, but it must even be worse with the heat... We had too tooo hot yesterday and the day before, but today is quite comfy... high winds associated with Hurricane Arthur on its way this way... we'll see how much we get... awfully early in the season to be making it all the way up here.

    Had a walk and was back by 8am, that's crazy for me, but I am realizing that when I wake up, I may as well get up and it's a whole lot cooler early and don't need sunscreen, so it's all good...Vacuumed and even started a wash, all things that could have waited, if I had really done what should be done, it's cleaning off the kitchen table... it always piles up. I need more cupboards or shelves, or probably less clutter...
    I didn't realize that TOPS uses a particular book....hmmm...
    Glad it was cozy at your place today... 4-5 years on a waiting list, how horrid....Wonder what God has in mind for you...
    God Bless.

    1353 days ago
    thank you for your thoughtful reply Ima!

    I too, am wondering at the mothers that allow these youngsters to diet . They should be teaching proper eating habits rather than the quick fixes of dieting. There should be no need to even consider the diet word, if proper nutrition were enforced in their lives.

    I too am looking forward to this series about men, as I have my very young great nephew to think about, coming up through the world now. I am thankful that my neice is a really good mom, and is being very mindful of the foods that she is now starting to serve up to her child.

    He is only been starting to nibble on real foods for about two months now, and when she is doubtful about the nutrition she calls and asks if it would be a good choice for him. She refuses to allow candy and chocolates (so far, don't know how strong she will remain with this) and has only let have a little bit of ice cream once, only because his grandfather was feeding it to his grandson at his birthday.

    She fretted about this but like I told her, there are frozen yogurt ice creams of good nutritional value, that she could give him as a treat occasionally, as he already is an avid yugurt fan. Or I said, make yogurt and fruit purree popsicles as a summer treat. It is all good.

    but, as you say, I am wandering down the rabbit trails here.

    Yes eventually we will get back to the reviewing in the TOPS book. Right now, we are awaiting a shipment of more books as we did not have enough for everyone in the first place, and then we got more members. It was alright when it was two to a book but now, we needed more books.

    I am sorry to hear that your weather has cooled so drastically! That happened to us last year, and it sure made the winter seem twice as long to this girl.

    Sometimes putting on events take a lot of time out of one's life, so with all the other things going on in your life, I can see where you might not want to host up the picnic event.

    Good luck with your weighing in tomorrow! I hope you are successful with your wishes of achieving a maintain for awhile. Sometimes it is far harder to maintain a weight than trying to lose, as I am sure you know!

    Though I do find it interesting that you have had this urge for chips and such, now, when you are trying to maintain and not when you were actively trying to lose....makes me think about whether you have started to eat some other thing that might encourage or trigger such a want? Interesting

    Tomorrow, I am hoping for the removal of this big heavy cumbersome cast. Even if they give me a half cast, at least I can remove it from my hand at times. But also because I want to see where my true weight stands, without this thing on.

    I also have a deadline on Monday for some drawings that are being incorperated into the calander for the Lions fundraiser. As my project was taken over by some men in the Lions, which I wasn't too happy about but could do nothing about, I do want to keep my hand in it somewhere.

    I have 13 images drafted out but then I broke my wrist and have not been able to finish them up. I actually did a few of them with my wrist broken, before I got the cast, so I know that no matter what level of healing my wrist is at, I will be able to finish this up if I can just get this hinderance off me! lol Sound frustrated? Yeah, big time, as there is so much I need to be getting done
    1353 days ago
    It sounds like y'all enjoyed a pleasant meeting, Bear. I hope that June was not truly down on herself --- my goodness that few ounces could have been from clothing & not gained weight. God bless her!

    I thought of Marilyn Monroe before you pointed to her. I think her figure was lovely & that she was at a very healthy weight.

    I have read/heard one theory on why models have become increasingly thin --- I won't share it here, because it makes me sick at heart to think that it could be true & I believe it to be. Actually, I cannot think of any other reason for the swing from healthy looking females to male like figures on the catwalks these days.

    It is a real shame that females of all ages are so battered concerning body image by media & the like. I believe that in some form it has always been true --- even before newspapers, magazines, television, movies, etc. Think of the paintings by Rubens & how "full" his nudes were --- I am thinking of "The Three Graces" & "Venus (in the mirror)" & many others. So there has always been an idea (put in place by men) on what beauty consisted/consists of. It is sad that we gals tend to take on those same ideas as being true beauty & worth striving for.

    And, for goodness sake, what are mothers doing to allow such thinking to trickle down to their teenage daughters in the first place & now down to their grade school daughters.

    Our youngest had a friend in high school whose mother was always nagging at her about her weight (which to my eye was a healthy weight for her frame) --- at one point the young girl dropped weight by eating a single can of green beans per day for several weeks straight. Of course, when she went back to her old way of eating the weight came right back on. Poor girl! I really felt saddened by the mother's choice to harm her daughter with all that nagging & then supporting her with the green bean diet.

    As a wife, the mother of one son, & Grandmother of four grandson, I will be interested in learning more about men's body image issues.

    Are y'all eventually going to review the TOPS book you talked of some time back? That, too, sounded interesting.

    For the past three days now --- it has been downright nippy for us --- feeling much like Fall weather instead of summertime days. emoticon I don't mind it being a bit cool; however, when sweaters, slacks, & socks are needed, it is too cool for a summer day to my thinking. I have thought that if it weren't for the green outdoors, I could be fooled into believing that it truly was October already. emoticon

    This is my first week of maintaining my current weight --- I am still tracking calories & all --- I did have two days of going to the high end of my calorie allotment --- surprised me to no end after days of going below the low end.

    On Monday evening, I had such an urge for potato chips --- I don't know where that came from --- I hadn't indulged in them for at least two full years. And that time it was at our annual picnic with my Women's Circle --- before that it had been the summer before at the same annual picnic. The gal* who always hosted that picnic passed away, so I don't know who will be hosting this summer. I would volunteer, if there wasn't so much going on in my world. I doubt that I will attend the picnic this year anyway. Not something I necessarily want to miss, but with time & energy at a premium, I must cut some activities.

    * Shirley --- the gal who faced diabetes, but refused to take it seriously. It grieves me to think that she would, in all likelihood, still be here, if she had made wiser choices.

    It will be interesting to see what the emoticon has to report tomorrow morning. I certainly do not want a gain!

    We plan a day at home with time spent with "the gang" tonight & throughout our July 4th weekend. This afternoon I will be making a few special dishes for the gatherings --- I will be preparing them the healthier way, so feel good on that score.

    That is a wrap!

    God bless you, Bear!

    1353 days ago
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