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Monday, June 30, 2014

Scotmama did an excellent blog titled Sometimes it's the little things. She detailed all the changes that she incorporated since joining with SparkPeople and encouraged us to share ours. Naturally, I did and she told me that my comments would make a good SparkBlog of my own so I thought...okay! So, here it is. All the changes I've seen happen since joining Sparkpeople:

1. Before SP, I never thought I would be drinking water AND liking it. Even though my Mom loves water and that is pretty much all she drinks, except for maybe a glass of milk with dinner and an alcoholic beverage, I had an aversion to water. I drank juice, milk, Kool-Aid and when I started my weight loss journey, I switched to light versions of juice, milk, Crystal Light. While I don't drink 8 glasses of water a day yet, I'm drinking at least 3 glasses of water a day even on the weekends, and will soon shoot for 4. It quenches my thirst better than anything else and gives me energy and countless other benefits. The only obstacle has been that when my tummy is really upset, water makes it more upset for some reason so then I have to redo this goal which is why I'm only at 3 glasses. I used to drink more and I know I will get back to that point again!

2. Being kind to myself. I would really beat myself up when I mis-stepped. Now I'm like...okay...that wasn't a good choice to eat all that junk food, what are you going to do about it? My life isn't over. I haven't failed. I just made bad choices. I can make better choices the rest of the day and have a game plan for tomorrow.

3. Moderation!!! This is my favorite one. It's not all or nothing for me. I can have a piece of cake once in awhile. All my eating doesn't have to be clean. It's about choices and I find that the candy bar is less likely to call my name if I know I can eat it, but just don't feel like it right now than if I feel I can never have one again which then I needed to have it because it was there! I love that I can walk away from certain foods at times because I'm not really craving them. I know I can have them when I want them so if I don't feel like eating them, I don't.

4. Reaching out for support. That's one I learned recently. I've always been a go it alone person, but I never have to go it alone here. I read amazing blogs like the one that prompted this blog and then sometimes I get motivated to blog my own journey. Even more likely when someone says, "Hey, you should do this". We all kind of feed off of one another. It's very helpful. I've learned so much from you guys!

5. Listen to my body. I was getting really discouraged for awhile there because of all the injuries that would sideline my gains in the exercise arena, but now I realize I don't have to pound my body into the ground every day or 6 days a week with a one day break and it doesn't have to be the same day every week. My body will tell me what it needs. So when I feel like my body is recovered and ready, I work it hard. I then step back and see how it reacts. Maybe the next day I will do a lighter workout. Maybe I need rest, but my body dictates what I do and it has sidestepped a few injuries. I also want to get into more stretching and make that a regular part of my day...even the rest ones!

This is what I love about SparkPeople. It's not about short-term mentality, but long-term. What is one change I can make today that will help me become the person I want to be tomorrow?

How many of you who are like me, who've felt like they were going nowhere in this weight loss game are now sitting back and going...wait a minute...I may have not defeated the scale, but I AM becoming a new person?

Whenever I think about throwing in the towel and think, I'm done. I'm never going to reach my goal, I will find a blog or something that makes me think about all the changes I'm making and how with such a stressful year I have had that I'm holding the line, it's something to celebrate. Last year was stressful and I gained the rest of the weight I lost...back! This year was supposed to be my year, but more rain fell and I'm not seeing the progress I thought I would, but that doesn't mean I have NOTHING to celebrate about. I'm making changes. I'm doing what I can and eventually, all this work is going to pay off.

When I first read this, I was like, "What are they talking about?" Staying overweight is easy. All I have to do is not care about what I put into my body and not exercise. Mission accomplished! Then I thought about it and it's a different type of hard. Being overweight is hard on my body. It limits what I can do. Losing weight has been an elusive goal to me, but I can get fit. I can get healthier and eventually, when enough changes happen, I will lose the weight. I will lose the inches. I just need to keep my head to the ground and believe in the process.

Feel free to go down your own memory lane and share it with others. We can all use this kind of motivation.
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