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Why are we jealous of other people's success . . .

Thursday, June 26, 2014

especially when we're not doing that great?!

That thought ran through my head last night as DH and I were going on a hike. He is doing great with his weight loss and fitness. He decided last fall (when the doctor told him he had high blood pressure and wanted him to go on medication at 47), that he would try to control with diet & exercise (he has a family history of high blood pressure too).

He's a big guy (6'5" and usually around 280 - 300 lbs.) and is very active at work and his side jobs (doesn't sit around at a desk all day). He has really "kicked it in gear" the last couple of months! He's lost about 40 lbs. since last fall! He's also back to running and doing a lot of core work. He looks and feels great! With the weight loss, low salt diet and exercise, he has his blood pressure under control!

I'm extremely proud of him and grateful that he cares enough about me and his girls to get healthy! So I'm proud, I know he's working hard at this and it didn't just "happen overnight", but since I'm struggling with getting back to goal, I'm a little jealous too.

Don't get me wrong, I'm also extremely proud of myself. I'm only a couple of pounds over my "healthy weight" and 9 lbs. above goal. I've said it before - maintenance ain't for sissies! I had a small gain last week at Weight Watchers - I keep loosing and gaining back the same pound! I didn't go to the meeting last night, but I probably would have had another gain!

Things have been very busy this summer. School has been out for 5 weeks and I'm still waiting for the "lazy days of summer" to kick in! Between getting the girls ready for trips/camps and DD#2's insane summer workout program - I'm still constantly on the "run" (and not the good way!).

DD#2 was asked to play with varsity again at a basketball tournament yesterday and today at a college in downtown Atlanta (about 30 miles away), so I decided to leave work early yesterday and catch a couple of games (thus missing my weigh in).

After battling the horrible Atlanta traffic, I got home in time to go on a hike with DH (about 7:30). A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I "turned him on" to the strenuous hike we've been doing after our Weight Watcher's meetings the last couple of months.

Last night was his 3rd time going with me. It's a 3.8 mile hike that goes around a lake through a couple of parks and there's a lot of hills (up and down). Near the end you are at the bottom of the dam and then you have to take 63 steps straight up (I counted last night) and still go up a hill until you cross the street back into the parking lot.

It usually takes my sister and I about 1 hour 15 min+ (we like to talk). Sunday night and last night I finished in under an hour! DH stayed with me Sunday night and really pushed me - I even ran part of the trail. I was really tired last night so I told him to go on ahead and I'd just meet him back at the parking lot.

It was getting really dark near the end of the hike (heavily wooded), so I found myself running quite a bit because I was getting nervous! After trudging up those steps, I didn't think I was going to make it - but I checked my phone and I still had 9 min to go before hitting an hour. I really pushed myself and finished in 59 min.!

So I have a lot to be proud of too - but I tend to focus on the negative!

I'm going to be on vacation next week and I'm going to Florida with my oldest sister and DD#2. We're staying at my sister's condo. that's on the inter-coastal and about 10 miles from some really nice beaches.

DD#2 has a "dead week" from any school activities, so she asked my sister if she would take her to Florida. Her BFF has been down there a couple of weeks already visiting her grandparents (near my sister's condo) so she's going to "hook up" with us on Tuesday and drive back home with us next Saturday. I invited myself along - DH and DD#1 both have to work and DD#3 didn't want to go, so it will just be the 3 of us driving down.

We've got a lot of activities planned - kayaking, paddleboarding, riding bikes & playing tennis & volleyball. There will also be a lot of "chilling" and I'm sure eating!
I'm going to weigh myself before I leave to get a gauge and just try to maintain while I'm away.

July is going to be just as crazy as June and then the girls go back to school on August 7th (crazy I know when a lot of school's in the north are just now getting out for summer break!). DD#2 will have already started volleyball (tryouts are 8/1 & 8/2) and the first game is actually the first day of school!

DD#1 won't start college until late August, but we'll be busy getting her ready to go! We have orientation on 7/23.

So things will continue to be hectic - I'll continue to be active, I just have to do a better job of planning dinners and keep away from the sweets & snacking!

I'm going to enjoy my vacation next week and try to get some R&R!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I used to be one of those jealous people, but not anymore! I've kept 40 lbs off for over 3 years and I don't intend to ever regain it back.

    Jealousy is one of those emotions we feel when we don't think we can be successful. When we make excuses and don't have the "gumption" to go for our goals, it makes us feel inferior.

    Then, we discover Sparkpeople and all the wonderful people here. The support we receive gives us the motivation to "do it." Once we feel that success, there is no stopping us!!

    Keep at it!
    1336 days ago
    emoticon Thanks for sharing.
    1336 days ago
    I think our jealousy comes from thinking their success was achieved easily. This is especially true when we are struggling. There are easy downhill parts of the journey and there are those steep steps on the journey, too. When we are climbing those steps, everyone else's journey seems to be in fast forward and since they are doing well, their journey must be easy.
    We know the truth that every journey has easy and hard parts but we are jealous that we aren't in the easy part right now.
    1337 days ago
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